Shehbaz Sharif after assuming charge: Resolving Kashmir issue will help India, Pak prosper | WION

PMLN Chief Shehbaz Sharif becomes Pakistan’s new Prime Minister replacing Imran Khan. Sharif says that resolving Kashmir issue will help India, Pakistan prosper. What will Sharif do differently in order to tide over the economic crisis which is going to be the most immediate challenge

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Comment (30)

  1. Let's hope he can make a difference, this retarded Pakistan/India hostility needs to be finally put to bed! Pakistan can cut military expenditure and invest in infrastructure, and India can divert it's forces to the Chinese border instead. It's a win win

  2. Another phsyco has arrived… there are 22 crores of mentals electing their chief mental often and often kicking in a regular interval..

  3. Imran praises india and indias foriegn relations… simply imran hits himself like why we remaining slaves of china and america?

  4. 'Resolving Kashmir issue will help India, Pak prosper' – easiest way to resolve is just vacate all the areas illegally occupied by Pakistan. Problem solved and prosperity will come soon after.

  5. Only solution for Kashmir issue is for Pakistan to get out of illegally occupied territory and then engage with India for some sort of treaty.

  6. If Pakistan wants to resolve the J&K issues then it needs to return PoK back to India.

    Apart from that it makes No sense for India to agree on any other agreement agreement Pakistan.

    If India accepts LoC as International border b/w both Nations then it will loose a major strategic Geography that can connect India with Afghanistan & allow it to reach Central-Asia & Iran.

  7. Sure, but there will never be any solution in Kashmir because the only reason Bajwa and his army get any funding is because of Kashmir. No Kashmir issue means, Pakistan Army budget drops by more than half. Kashmir is too profitable for the Pakistan Army to ever allow a resolution.

  8. "Why is Covid in China Spreading Again? because the Covid factory in Taiwan hasn't been destroyed… that's why U.s + Nato is trying to protect Taiwan!!! ….. So,When will the justice Destroy FACTORY VIRUS in Taiwan ??? like destroy in ukraine ???… Go go go… RUSIA Save The World!!!!!!"

  9. I'm not Up to speed on the Kashmir Situation.. but..

    maybe, the Northern (Pakistan control?) area should become officially apart of Pakistan..

    then, Pakistan will have a real Border, with China & will have to worry about China infringing on their territory.. 😂

    (historically, I do believe the Monk(?) was right– in wanting to join India.. can't remember exactly his territory was.)

  10. The last time Bharat walked the extra step forward there was a backstabbing incident….let Pak do all the heavy lifting to deliver peace, vacate occupied Bharatiya territory.

  11. अरे भई जुठ ही जुठ । ईसका भाई ये बोलते रहता था!

  12. old wine in new bottle
    All pak PM have this rhetoric
    Kashmir -Kashmir -Kashmir
    They have enough and more domestic problems but they want to resolve Kashmir matter… your god will also not be able to help u on that….Try it INDIAN army awaits 💪🏻 more than strong

  13. They fund terrorists to create Havoc in Kashmir and then talks about resolving the POK issue. India is not under Nehru's influence anymore. And Kashmiri people are in better position than a Pakistani.

  14. If only pak tak their word serious and ask suport from india rather than china india will be good friend with pak if they stil listen and ask suport from china india wil tak action..

  15. Boder issue with pak pok region kashimir talk and suporting china should be less then india wil tak pak serious if not beter play war ..india is redy cause world knows india strengeth even china know how scary india is if war break out it wornt be lik 1972 war i think its gona be worst ..

  16. no point in thinkimg pakistan , from 1947 from indian point of view it is useless dont discuss no point it is a current power waste

  17. India is waiting for opportune moment to solve the Kashmir issue.
    Kick the Pakistan Army out ofPoK.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🥰😊


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