Should We Flee To The Mountains During End Time Tribulation?

Flee to the mountains? Should we do so in the end time tribulation? If so, when do we flee? What does the Bible really say? As it gets more and more obvious that we are indeed in the last days, we hear of people planning to flee to the mountains.

Groups are being organized and many people have already left for more “secure” locations. But is this what the bible says we should do AT THIS TIME? Watch the video and let’s see.


Who or what is the Beast of Revelation?

What is the Mark of the Beast?

The Mark of the Beast (Full Teaching)

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Comment (7)

  1. I agree 100% with him I have children too . But we have to prepare to trust Yahusha . Maybe he will rain down manna again for us . Also if we stock up they may come up and just take it from us . There is no escaping we just need to trust and endure . I pray for all of you – we shall see one another in Zion HALLELUYAH!!

  2. This will be a time of faith and obedience to TMH for the wheat. Many of the tares will be persecuted for the first time, who know of the word but will be caught in a carnal mindset and submit to the adversary taking the mark.


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