Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. I used to debate Tupac stans ALL THE TIME this is why I took on the user name " Truth Hurts " I was trying to tell them that they were idolizing that man !!!! TMHY woke me up through Pastor Darby may he Rest In Power !!!!

  2. @TCA, THANK YOU for allowing the Most High to use you to expose and educate about this mess. It grieves me when I see YT channels that make post about well known “celebrities saying “they woke” or saying “black folks are the real “J_ws” as if that is giving us the gold stamp of approval from the Most High as a people. As a people we have some serious issues to deal with and because people IDOLIZE these folks it’s a distraction that keeps us from dealing with the real issues! Forgive me for ranting but it hurts my soul and grieves my spirit that we seem to be raising up the golden calf again.

  3. The true stronghold here in the US so called black pastors that's what combating the truth of us being ethnic Israel. My prayer to TMH is that he remove these false prophets from your people and remove the spiritual scales from our eyes, not only here, but the diaspora scattered everywhere.

  4. Breaking.. there's just been a matrix trailer released on the ps5, and it's making me feel off. The intro seem like it's talking about real life and the 'metaverse' ai world being created. Take a look if you've got time

  5. All awakening Hebrew Israelites we have to cry to Yahuah for forgiveness of our People, fasting and praying asking Yah for poo our sins raised big men this is to much, Yah forgive us😢😢😢 this last day shalom 🙏🏿

  6. About 15 years ago, I was getting my hair braided by a woman and her husband and I were chatting about his past career as a would-be rapper. He told me that he was about to sign a deal with a big label when the heads of the label wanted to have oral sex with him to "seal the deal." He said the deal was off in that moment and started working as an auto salesman. He told me that all rappers who make it big go through this ritual and mentioned some of the big names. It's sad that these men of Judah so easily sell themselves to the oppressor for a little cash and attention.

  7. I just love how they get them comfortable to speak their mind. Ask them questions that they know will ruin their careers. Then immediately separate themselves from them when they speak truth. Run tel dat to massa then come back round us talking bout keeping it real. Tom foolery at it's finest!


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