Signs that the End of the World is upon us

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Comment (37)

  1. Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah I Love you both and your Children too!❤ Thank you for the beautiful lesson! I Love your Spirit of YAHUSHA that live in both of you and you are a Beautiful Couple !💜💜🕎🕎🕎

  2. Thank you brother and sister for letting the set a part ruach, the Almighty Yahuwah Yahusha Elohim of Yisrael use y'all in this mighty and AWESOME way. I pray that He continues to baruk you both in this POWERFUL and MIGHTY way, may He PROTECT you your FAMILY and PROPERTY by the POWER of His MIGHTY HAND. I thank you both for CRYING OUT LOUD AND SPARING NOT. With much much love peace be your family. Yahcov shemu'el Yahudah Yisrael

  3. Ah-man, Ahch Watchman wa Ahchwath Deborah. It so sad of how people being wicked especially YAHUAH's Chosen Nation. I just throw my hands because our people don't want to listen. They're cold and wicked thoughts. I just want to do right. If I mess up, I'll cry for YAHUAH's mercy🙏🏾📖👑

  4. Romans 16 verse 23 talks of Paul having a treasurer. Does this mean that they paid tithes and offerings?

  5. Yes that true and salt and sugar as well but only one is right the spirit of YAHUAH will show you shalom sister and Brother

  6. Rejoice family for this also means that the Kingdom is at hand….praise YAHUAH for His mercy and may His people be counted worthy to enter….HalleluYAH

  7. You both are a beautiful companions. Positive Images to restore our love and unity and faith. Thank you both.💜😇

  8. We’re definitely in the last of the last days and a lot further along in Bible prophecy than many folk think. We’re living in the Book 📖 of Revelation! The world is ending and the NWO has begun! Repent from sin Acts 3:19. ❤️💯

  9. Before anything I give it to ABA Yah for His Wisdom and Understanding due to so much have been lied about and twisted when translated. For instance the definition of the name POPE means Papa or Father and spiritually it states not to call anyone but Yahuah ABA/Father. HalleluYah Barach Yahuah for His Word is The Truth and His Truth shall set us free

  10. Also, another meaning to letting them grow is this… people can have seeds of wheat and seeds of tare in their hearts.. if we try to do the work before the time. We could end up damaging the person and losing them. This is why One plants, another waters, but it is Yah who gives the increase.

  11. Matthew 10:21 gave me a flashback of a movie that gave me nightmares as a kid call Children of the Corn. How child posed by Demons living in cornfields killing people. HalleluYah for Yahuah's Word and Truth

  12. I'm so grateful to that Yahuah gave me the itch for the Truth my whole life and why He had me work as a Librarian and Phlebotomist so I can see and seek the Truth and not the lies HalleluYah Barach Yahuah for His Word Is Truth

  13. Every parent that fears ABA YAHUAH would be grateful that their grown children have the fear enough of YAH to not have sex until Yahuah bring them the one HE chose HalleluYah

  14. But if Yah brag about not plucking his out of his hands this doesn’t means that his can turn away from him if he already know them before their was born does this make sense my brother and sister 🤔love y’all but Yah is bigger then this whatever he spoke it can’t be thwarted🤷🏾‍♂️so therefore a chosen can’t reject themselves if he already know the truth before he/she was born this is why Yah is confident what he say🤷🏾‍♂️


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