Smart City: How do you live in a Smart City? | Future Smart City Projects | Surveillance or Utopia?

Smart City: The idea of a smart city sounds very fascinating at first: Underground automatic gardens, remote controlled smart city street lights, better air quality. But how is a smart citiy to be implemented? What happens to the data collected in the smart city? These and other questions about smart city projects will be answered in the new episode of SHIFT about smart cities. What do you think of smart cities? Write it down in our comments…

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  1. The complexities in designing, building, maintaining and managing buildings and cities are enormous. I believe that only Data / Software / AI and all things technology can assist us in making the daily and future existence of cities a possible and pleasant experience.

  2. The Democratic Socialist People's Republic of Victoriastan under Comrade Chairman Dopey Dodgy Dan and his merry bunch of neo Marxist CCP loving pro globalist NWO comrades signed us up for this globalist UN smart cities garbage without any consultation and publicity. The left wing pro Comrade Chairman Dopey Dodgy Dan mainstream media have not questioned this secret decision! Little wonder that the police have become so militant and thuggish, not to mention completely woke! Victoria is being used as the experimental subject in Australia for establishing the UN Agenda 21 New World Order and the great reset of the World Economic Forum. Once Victoria is fully compliant and under control, the other Australian states will cop exactly the same treatment! Wake up to this agenda which the diabolical globalist elites want fully implemented by 2030.


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