Something Unbelievable is Happening ! Is it Cern, HAARP, Bluebeam? PART 2 (EP61)

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Part 1

End Times Compilation

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watch this and you will see We’re in the End times,
Biblical End of Days, End times Warning,
Something big is happening,
2016 is strange the past few weeks or so

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Comment (6)

  1. Something you spoke on made me think of 2 Timothy 3
    where people won't listen & are all about themselves.
    Powerful video.
    God bless everyone & thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Could you explain….not why you think CERN is the cause of whatever you think it caused……why you WANT and NEED to believe that a simple science experiment like CERN is causing whatever you think it is causing?

  3. It's hard to say Judgement is coming turn back to God. No it's that simple, I thought love can save, but the majority of the people are so far gone. Only fear will save them now. I hope from these judgements people will see this is God's mighty outstretched hand warning us to repent.


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