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  1. Wish I'd been able to catch it live again but as usual beautiful breakdown. I like the way you explain without a shred of hate or anger. Just pure facts/scripture. APTTMH ABBA YAH

  2. Ham stole the garments from Noah that was passed down from Adam. The garments had power. He stripped Noah and took the clothes off him because he was drunk. Ham robbed Noah and kept it then gave them to Cush then to Nimrod

  3. Biblical Scriptures says 'EVIL' would multiply greatly under the Greek/Roman rule on this planet! So [ALL] Europeans are [Gentiles] the bible says so..Not SHEM and HAM!

  4. As you was describing the 12 tribes and their attributes are how they are as a people your microphone went dead after two of Jacob's sons only thing I was able to hear was about Judah and Benjamin after that it went silent then the microphone came back on just to note that but otherwise this is a video that I've already seen but I wanted to hear it again because I had a better understanding thank you TCA for bringing it out 🏌️

  5. Watched this on another channel. This tells us the bible lied. About our heritage. All on previous Chanel's listed were based on writings in the 80's. What happened in the 80's to rewrite biblical history. Seeds of discord? Not enough to rewrite history, need to rewrite bible. God sends out lightning bolts when you mess with Him.

  6. All of Noah's sons were black just like him. All 3 of Noah's sons came from the same mother and father. His 3 sons looked just like him. Also the 3 wives of Noah's sons were from 1 family the house of Elkanah.

    All the 3 wives of Noah sons had the same mother and father. Point to add: Elkanah was Noah's relative and also a decendant of Seth. So that means they also looked the same.

    So if Noah, his wife, Elkanah his relative and his wife were all descendants of Seth that means they were direct descendants of Adam.

    Let's go forward to Noah again. His 3 sons were black and were of the same color, facial features ect.. When Noah sons (Ham Shem and Japheth) had their sons they all looked the same. "They never mixed with outsiders" that family line.

    So Ham sons looked like Shem sons and Shem sons looked Japheth sons.

    Let's look at KUSH the son of Ham. Clearly a black man I have been to Sudan and Ethiopia 25 times. I know Cushites. Kush looked the same as his cousins Ashkanaz from Japheth and Eber from Shem.

    These men were all descendants of Seth who never mixed with anyone outside of their righteous line. They never mixed except within the righteous seed that started from

    Clearly from Adam to Seth to Enoch the Beloved, to Noah and the 3 sons of Noah and all their cousins that came from the 3 brothers were all black and the same face.

    Other races were created at the same time of the Adam and Eve of the bible but their history was not recorded by God because the holy seed only came from this Adam and his descendants minus Cain. Cain was not included in the lineage of Seth the rightous.

    Not all races come from the Adam and Eve or Noah that is recorded in the Holy Scrolls.

    Case in point.
    Abraham our Beloved was born in Nimrod house the Kushite bkack king. Nimrod was his Cousin. Nimrod was the son of Kush who was the son of ham and ham was the brother of Shem and Japheth.

    Mannagan the Levite

  7. The way u go on that everyone is black but the bible described noah as being different and hes dad lamec not thinking that noah was hes son as he lit up the room hes flesh as white as snow and red as a rose sound like a white baby that was born now i know black people say white people are what 6000 years old well what if Noah was the start of the white race just think about it

  8. The original Babylon was in Shems lands, areas, and territories allotted to him and his 5 sons by the casting of lots! The Medes were descendants of Madai a son of Jepheth. He actually got permission from his uncle Shem and his 5 sons could he have a portion of land, territory out of uncle Shems allotment by lots. Madrid thought the lands allotted to his own father and brothers distasteful! So he came correct unlike Kanaan went to uncle Shem and his sons his first cousins and ask would they please allow him to take residence in Shems temperate climate areas. So they all allowed this regarding Madai to reside in Shems areas, lands. He Madai even took a daughter of Shem for wife, he married the daughter of Elam his first cousin. So even till this day Madai and his sons and sons sons still remain this territory!

  9. The Persians who dwell in the south west region of Iran near the Persian gulf are NOT the same as the Medes & Parthians both of these people groups descend from Madai! Whereas the Persians descend from Shem particularly from his first born son Elam. The Elamites looked different phenotypically from the Medes & Parthians. Were they related yes! To different manner of peoples they were and still are! The Greeks descend from Javan a son of Japheth and, we see that Kittim is a son of Javan and grandson of Japheth these are the gentiles that the Bible/Scripture speaks of! Please notice who is not identified as gentiles two sons of Noah and their sons and sons, sons! Anyone who is butt hurt about/over this take up your grievance with The Most High about this perhaps you can undo this……? Or accept The Most High Sovereign Creator will be done!

  10. Alot of people don't know this that Shems original land, areas and territories was They middle earth! Most people first heard the term middle earth in the books/ Lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien! That is when many became acquainted with the phrase middle earth! Our father Shem and his sons didn't inherit a freezer box so glad thank The Most High for that! Whoo-hoo!

  11. Bruh I love you! Newsflash don't nobody want nor covet the lands, areas, and territories allotted to Japheth and all his descendants don't nobody want a freezer box! Apparently not even Japheths descendants want the freezer box Europe and Siberia along with all the Arctic circle. Think of the story Goldilocks and the three bears, she thought papa bears porridge was too hot, mama bears was too cold and baby bears was just right! I guess papa bear represented Cham too hot, mama bear represented Japheth too cold, whereas baby bear represented Shem just right a perfect blend of hot and cold!

  12. Right right Kanaan and his sons completely squatted on Shems and his sons lands, areas, regions and territories! Kanaan is a shack bully dusty foot. He is as wrong as three left feet! Even after his father Cham and his brethren rebuked, corrected and instructed him do right! Kanaan would have none of their advice so his own dad and brothers cursed him on top of father Noah's curse. I guess Kanaan couldn't come correct if he tried!

  13. Yeah when she checked herself and came correct! In other words come correct or don't come at all, but if you do come correct! We don't care if you do not come but if you come & approach Come Correct!

  14. That was righteous indignation! The turning over of the money tables, so it can be fulfilled of the prophets: The zeal for your house has eaten me up! So be it, T o d a h, and Selah!

  15. The conclusion of the matter is "All those occupying the land of the children of Israel shall be rooted out" one way or the other and no one can manipulate the prophecies concerning this event which is upon us.


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