Sources: UK PM Boris Johnson will not lecture India on Ukraine | World News | WION

British PM Boris Johnson has arrived in India for a two-day visit. While the meeting comes in the backdrop of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the key of the visit is to finalize two-way investment deals in defence, artificial intelligence and in green energy resources. To get more details, we’re joined by Siddhant Sibbal.

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Comment (44)

  1. UK PM is blessed by great soul Mahatma Gandhi. History will write his goodwill visit to India a success.

  2. If Brits have a problems with Europeans who are white like themselves, what do you Indians expect to happen when you are in higher numbers?

  3. Johnson stirred up war in Ukraine relentlessly as he wants to get control of Black Sea and Azov Sea waterways, sell arms, and with the US drag down Russia using Ukraine as a proxy. After Russia, China. After China, India.
    These British establishment people are still really dangerous like a mangy old lion with sore teeth!

  4. Never liked him, never will. He looks & acts stupid. How he get this job??? Oh yeah, people like him voted for Tories.

  5. He is currently travelling to other countries like Ukraine and India, as he wants to get away from parliament, where he is getting lots of blame for his disrespectful actions and where he is holding on like Putin is holding on to his power. Therefore, he is not making this trip for Indian people, but for himself, as this visit is convenient to his own current situation in the UK, sadly. He is a self-centered type of person, and he does only what is convenient to him. Regarding Indian people coming to work in the UK, he desperately needs cheap labour who will work for minimum wage in all those jobs where the British don't want to work. He is looking around different countries from where he can bring people to fill those gaps, for example, Ukraine and India. Therefore, please people open your eyes and don’t be naive to believe that he is doing this out of his good heart as he doesn't have one in him, sadly.

  6. Why are we keen on more visas and increasing brain drain?. The skilled professionals western countries are absorbing from India after very strict scrutiny is the cream of our society and if given opportunities, they can propel india into the future interms of science and technology. I think the right thinking government's will try to stop the brain drain, which has been the biggest problem of our country since independence. Tax money of a poor third world nation is used to create these highly skilled individuals!. North Indian mindset in governance, government don't know how to utilise this precious resource like how Bangalore, Hyderabad etc did. They are only focussed on increasing remittances or favour corporate sector who use H1B to make insane profits through back channel. But this is a long term loss for the nation. Brain Drain is the main reason why poor nations remain poor and backward.

  7. I found this photo quite offensive.
    To compare this jackass to The Mahatma, is like comparing Mother Theresa of Calcutta to Charlie Chaplin.

  8. 💐Salam alaykum💐
    I invite you to the Religion of Islam, as you may find peace.
    💎Islam💎 is the latest revelation from The Almighty Allah (God) for the humankind worldwide.
    If you die as a non-Muslim there'd be an eternal punishment in the hell fire for other religions will be invalid and it'll have consequences.
    Welcome To Islam ❤💐🌹💎

  9. Today, number one employers of the UK are Indian companies. India has rise after she was left in ashes, even after UK took 45 trillion dollars from India.
    Dharmic wheel is turning. 😊🙏

  10. In 1969 I Asked Yeshua/Jesus forgiveness of sins, HE took the needle out of my arms.  I'm 74 on the 30th of May clean. He never leaves U. The only power over satan!!!Pride is  Satan's sin.   Don't  allow it to be yours ASK Yeshua/Jesus to forgive your sins, and come into your life while U still have breath, NOW. Don't gamble with your eternal SOULHigh Places: Why R there Egyptian "Obelisks" in Switzerland graveyards? Migration of spiritual Wickedness DEW! Get Right (sins forgiven) with Yeshua/Jesus, or be Left with Satan.  YT, "Did Jesus  give us the name of the antichrist"YT, "Devils letter to his nephew" by CS Lewis 2 min. audio, happening NOW !!!Cov 19 ch.ip found in 5g towers. Litera lly connect with the nano vaxx, double cross AI A=1,I=9, Direct Energy Weapon!

  11. first the West make you dependent after you do not do as they wish then leave a hole or even makes you slave! Indians has to wake up and look back what they did to Indians 80 years ago

  12. UK desperately looking for investments from India into their economy,
    Looks like India is becoming a center of world politics and economics

  13. there is no money in Britain, there is more than what they produce, why should they give money again? Let them die

  14. India should make UK a client state. I don’t think they will have anything to offer with their tanking economy.

  15. Is London trying to collonise India again ?or London feeling the pain that of being challenge by other powers of the planet which they can stomach.

  16. The only thing good that came out of India were the spices and the restaurants …It's a country where one half does not know how the other half live. In a few words, a fkin social mess.

  17. Nobody needs to lecture India on Ukraine. India is the largest democracy in the world…the largest democracy that is afraid to support democracy in Ukraine. This is why India will only ever be just a regional power. India lacks the ability to act as a “great power”. Hell, even China has more of a presence on the world stage over India.


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