Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. What about them cover shot you people going we with you so y'all ain't going to tell it the way it is y'all forget their family members that can call other family members and find out what's going on over there the most high see you knew what you were going to do long before you did it he's coming

  2. I've got a feeling that this was orchestrated to further divide and conquer. The hidden hands are at work just like the days of old. Unfortunately, the awakening for some seems if it will take forever. America has always had a hand in things of this nature. However, I can see the same thing happening here within a few years. America has a lot of blood on it's hands and will eventually reap what it's sown…

  3. I have few comments, first I noticed you had my man Pastor Dowell on there! I have been listening to him for over 4yrs & have huge respect for him, and his fruits speak louder!
    Lastly we ALL ARE under the same Draconian system world wide….if folks do not know what it is they should look it up. It is in everything, it is also called Satanism by some….but make no mistake it is in your small town all the way up to the top of the country& world. Saboteurs, Provocateurs etc. paid & trained to create what we are seeing world wide. The order of the Black Sun is the military behindcontrolling all[almost] all military's. Mr. Dowell knows of this I am pretty sure.
    The continent of Africa is the most underdeveloped as far as I know, & this jewel was part of x-pres of US B.Obama. He put 6blln into the country for infrastructure & stuff as also China did. China was to become the new power but it has been stopped.

    Forget what I wanted to say more, other than find Kimberly Ann Goguen on YT or her news channel for truth of what is happening. SHE Ms. Goguen is above all the UN WHO All govt etc. seek & ye will know what is REALLY going on ~ Godspeed

  4. The bible says the Father laughs at these ppl who think they have power, these Jesuits/Globalists etc.
    They have no idea what power is, the power they do have he gave or allowed them to have. Its about to be snatched away. Hold on to his MIGHTY HAND family 🙏🏾

  5. I'm born and raised in America, Birmingham Alabama to be exact. I'm sure the poverty in Africa is worse than where I live. My mother always said, "Theres always someone in worse shape than you". Taught me to appreciate what I do have. Not far as posessions and materials, because we weren't rich. but to be grateful I'm in better situation.

    Theres levels of poverty, I know it's more expensive to live in New York than where I live, many examples. But we're all in the same boat if you will, no matter the levels.

  6. the opening part of this is very telling, using blacks to attack other blacks while the prominently wht-ish people sit back in their fake social rank positions watching and in all places Africa, the days are upon us, don't be sheeple, then poverty is poverty no matter where a person is from especially to the youth that are raised in that environment, ive seen it on many dynamics from the biggest cities to the smallest rural areas thus teenager substance abuse to pregnancy to violence and suicide the list goes on especially hunger in broken homes, in ending is why we are mighty rich nation within ourselves and should always remain humble when preaching the word (living by example) while dealing with people outside the tribe then upon the family it should always be gratitude and respect plus love, james chapter one verse nineteen.

  7. PsyOps and planned Chaos. We've already seen the blueprint and This is WARPSPEED across the globe. We are in "as of the days of noah." Chimeric species, contamination of blood, Which YAH says life is in the blood. That DNA. that original (hard code) programming which the digivaks is attempting to rewrite. The Most High YAH is always giving us the truth, its always about if we're prepared to recognize it and move in faith.

  8. Interesting…. Natives of that land have been, for the past couple of years, intensely putting pressure on the Mzungu colonizers to get out of their land. Now, there's widespread violence and rioting warranting the "intervention" of Mzungus with guns, directing the actions of complicit Natives.
    …when the wicked are in rule, the people mourn…..
    The entire Earth (besides the wicked) are in mourning.

  9. Thanks @TCA. I'm South African based in Durban, and I'm noticing your news reports didn't mention why former president Zuma refused to show up in court. The reason Jacob Zuma refused to show up in court that resulted to his arrest, is because he knew the Judge is bias against him. South Africans know this but even our media barely covers that, and when they interview someone who mentions it, the person sounds like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

  10. So after they ruin Africa where will they go then? How do we feed billions of people? Allow them to grow their own food and stop destroying crops. Colonizers need to stop creating crisis and then act like they are the saviors of the world

  11. One thing is for certain and two things are for SURE

  12. In Canada they're buring down churches. They have riots in France. This is crazy.

    The police officers uses the rod. Like what is spoken in the Bible.


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