South Africa: UN says rise in Xenophobic violence worrisome | WION Ground Report

As per a report, over 200 xenophobic attacks happened in the last 8 years and the UN said the rise in Xenophobic violence is worrisome. Watch this WION’s ground report from Johannesburg.

#SouthAfrica #Xenophobic #Violence

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Comment (41)

  1. Zimbabweans are taking your jobs? They should go back to their country? What about Indians, Chinese, Italians, Americans and other non-African people? You talk of Ubuntu yet you murder your brothers and sisters who live across a border drawn by Western imperialists when they divided Africa. You hate yourself that much!





  4. As a South African I feel that you are using the wrong footage for your report. Some of the footage have nothing to do with what's happening. I want to encourage you to do the right thing and report content that is applicable to the story

  5. Very disappointing Wion reporting. Verify your sources before feeding the world with incorrect information. Interview more South African officials as well.

  6. SA its ours it belong to SAns they must leave we wanna fix our country. They dont respect our citys

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  8. The late Elvis Mbodazwe Nyathi who was burny to death was buried today in Umvutshwa cemetery, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city.

  9. They're chasing Africans out of South Africa.What about the Indians,Asians and Europeans.Fools never seems to amaze me.SMH!

  10. Any time you see civil unrest in any african nation you can bet your ass European descendants are pulling strings from a distance. Operation Dudula is a distraction from Operation Expropriation without compensation.

  11. South Africa men are lazy…they just want to drink and enjoy themselves… foreigners help South Africa to get their freedom

  12. South Africans are confused suffer trauma. They don't know that they are Africans so they hate black Africans the same way white people hate blacks. Foreigners are used as a scapegoat.

  13. What do I need in South Africa not even vacation. I will travel to a country which is ready to receive me.

  14. So South Africa has a whopping 35% unemployment rate and being the most developed country in Africa, is a magnet for people from all over the African continent? Yet folks are wondering why there is a backlash against immigrants? Many of whom do in fact take jobs and opportunities from native South Africans.

  15. It is the same situation in Europe. To many people, not enough houses, apartments, jobs, doctors etc, then when we try to close our borders and send back illegals we get condemned by the UN for "xenophobia".

  16. When;

    Britain drives out illegal foreign nationals and contravenes International Law
    Media – It is good for Britain because illegal foreign national are a burden for government


    America illegally and inhumanely expels asylum seekers and migrants at the border

    Media – US Government is doing a good job as illegal immigration has declined 12% in 10 years


    South African government fails to act out fear of being called xenophobic as previously the case.
    Consequently, the ordinary citizens collectively attempt to enforce the law accompanied by government law enforcement agencies – ie NO official documents allowing you stay in the country – Arrest and/ Go back home and return through legal means.

    South Africa should only pressurise their government to handle the excessive illegal immigration matter head-on without fear or favour through legal means while ensuring the dignity of those affected.

    For the two cases above, There's an isiXhosa idiom that says that translates to : "A crab will scold her children for walking sideways while she herself does the same"


  18. The main question is why this immoral genocide against their own black Africans while the strangers from other races are taking over.. very very sad

  19. Many South Africans could have so far learned a lot from foreign nationals but they are trying to solve problems through violent attacks on foreign nationals and it's has not worked because innocent South Africans die too. Wait and think🤔 don't be brain washed RSAs

    Most Immigrants know and have survival skills to can copy and learn from but all that brain washed people see is a threat, blinded by hatred.

    What jobs do foreign nationals take??? Jobs that most South Africans are not even attracted to, domestic work, working in the construction industry. Most they don't like touching dirty, they want to work in the offices or receive social grants and that's not possible.

    South Africa is what it is because of the sweat of foreign nationals who do the construction work of building houses, domestic work, agriculture industry. Appreciate!!!

    If it's not foolishness what is it then? Burning a mall, a Tuck shop where you buy food from and the following day you want government to provide, they destroy because they don't know how it feels to build and then someone just comes and destroy. Lazy stubborn people only have energy to destroy not to build.
    They must learn to appreciate foreigners and they will be blessed by their presence.
    Where were they what were they doing when foreigners started it all, Opening Tuck shops in locations Villages??? working in the construction industry??? Sleeping 😴

  20. This is where Nelson Mandela and others who call their selves Africa freedom fighters and revolutionist has brought us. When senseless things like this happen in Africa it’s called Xenophobia, but when a black man with black sense is being humiliated just like this in Europe or America, it is racism. Africa will always remain in the dark with this mentality because we are not ready to move forward. South Africa as a country that has nothing to offer to humanity is complaining of foreigners taking their jobs. Forgetting that they little organised now because there are still 7.9% of whites in the country. Let the whites leave totally, i bet you in five years time South Africa will be total mess with total population of blacks

  21. So WION apparently compiles videos from racial incidents and put them in an incident where South Africans are peaceful addressing their frustration with illegal immigrants. Only one video that is of the incident, the rest are for other incident and this raises our eyebrows as South African subscribers.

  22. Virgin Mary appeared in Bayside, New York and said there would be a race war in South Africa , and it would go up to the Northern part of Africa. And there would be a race war America with machine guns going off. Bayside Shrine .org.

  23. why do you show videos that has nothing to do with xenophobic attacks Sending out false images to enhance you report shame on you.

  24. Before watching this I knew this will be a hit piece against operation Dudula. Fighting by the book for South Africans first is wrong in South Africa? Don't fall for such hit pieces.

  25. This is why YouTube blocked you a few days ago WION. The videos you posted have nothing to do with Xenophobia. Take this down, and do the right thing 👎👎👎

  26. Poor reporting! Disappointing in fact. These attacks are always sparked by an incident when a foreigner kills a South African. This one was sparked by 7 SAns killed by a foreigner. SA is struggling with high levels of unemployment and a high level of foreigners who do criminal work in SA. They hijack cars and take them to other countries. They sell drugs and human traffick SA girls. What is going on here is that SAns are fighting for their lives. People are suffering and honestly don't need to be living under these conditions. It's about fighting criminality of the highest order but of course it won't end well if people have taken the law into their hands. Do proper reporting and investigate. Go to Hillbrow find out what's happening. Don't use unrelated footage. This is poor coming from you.

  27. White people got everything down their but you want to attack the people who are oppressed just like you……you people have been broken….you scared to direct that same energy to the white man because you know better. Those colonial scars still exist on your minds and your hearts. What is it going to take for our people to wake up??? Or will we wait until it’s too late?


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