South Ossetia is taking legal steps to unite with Russia | Latest English News | WION

The pro-Russian Georgian breakaway South Ossetia is set to hold a public referendum to fully join Russia, take a look at this report.

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Comment (41)

  1. Suggest Leaders around the world don't call – don't talk to the putin monster – and avoid calling putin with 2 words from the President!

  2. Ukraine surrender or face results.

    USA NATO unfaithful friends lesson for many generations to come.

    Ukraine will not forget.

    De dollar transaction from trade and investment banking exports share market etc etc etc.

    World peace will come.

  3. 现在不打这场战就会留给下一代人去打。现在打战场在乌克兰以后再打战场就会是在俄罗斯。现在不死上万士兵以后就会在俄罗斯土地上死百万士兵跟平民。乌克兰引狼入室(美国)

  4. Why would you want to join a soon to be bankrupt and internationally isolated country (Russia), which will suffer levels of deprivation not experienced since the 1950's.

  5. Ukraine is discovering exactly who their friends really are. I wish ukraine to completely decimate Russian attackers and kick their arses out of their country. Then turn to donetsk and luhansk and tell them "you have chosen russia so go to them, you are no longer welcome as Ukraine. If crimea wants the same then they also can go. Then Ukraine becomes part of nato and Europe with full protection under our umbrella. Ossetia, joining with Russia at this moment states that you are agreeing to wage illegal war on innocent places like Ukraine and you will be told to do so by putin. Your people will kill other brothers and will also die by them. How foolish. If you leaders want to kill each other stop incolving the public while you hide in safety.

  6. Another one of Putin's new dog to teach how to think and act. These are illegal region and the international community MUST not recognise these separatist region, as there are not real countries. UKRAINE FOR 🇺🇦 UKRAINIANS FOREVER. GOD BLESS UKRAINE AND ITS PEOPLE 🙏

  7. Perhas Putin is thinking the 50k population of South Ossetia maybe just enough to cover the troops lost in the war? Most likely they are just thinking it is easier to roll over before Russian troops come stomping through?

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  9. Ohh this is going to make certain people mad. Not me, I feel if this I what the people there want no other government should stop them

  10. I wonder what would happen if Bismarck was Prime Minister/Presideny of Russia. I bet he would've recreated the USSR. That dude was able to masterfully create and unify the German states. Austrians must really hate him though and the French. Plus he was lucky to have one of the greatest generals in history in Moltke.

  11. Ossetia is also called Alania, and the people are the historic Alans. That is, a powerful tribe speaking an Indo-Iranian language that first emerged into written history at the time of the fall of the western Roman empire. They were renowned horsemen, but I think also used the covered wagon to move entire families.

    One branch of the Alans joined the Suevi confederation, led by a Germanic-speaking tribe, and moved west into the Roman empire. This combined group then moved south into the northern Iberian peninsula, and established the Kingdom of the Suevi in northern Portugal and in the Galicia region of northern Spain. The Alans settled in large numbers and also moved further south in Portugal, and form an important base component of the modern population along with the original Celts.

    Another branch of the Alans remained in the North Caucasus region. Over time they got pushed off the steppe proper and south into the mountains where modern Ossetia is located. So the Ossetians are neither Slavs nor Mongols, who arrived in the region later, but themselves – a group arriving earlier from the steppe. They are also distinct from the Georgians, who are even longer established in the Caucasus region, and speak a unique Caucasus type language very different to the Indo-Iranian of the Ossetians.

    If the Ossetians are related to anyone it is probably, distantly, some of the Portuguese, or even more distantly, semi-legendary people of the ancient steppe such as Sarmatians and Scythians.

    Since the Ossetians went on to became Orthodox Christian they have historically tended to ally with Russia for protection against the other big powers in the region, which are Islamic – Iran, Turkey and before that the Ottoman empire. Sometimes they have allied with Georgia too, also a Christian country.

    In Soviet times the Ossetians were split between Russian and Georgian administrative regions. But with more recent history including a war badly damaging relations with Georgia, it is not particularly surprising that there should be a movement now for formal integration of all of Ossetia with Russia. North Ossetia – Alania is already a Russian republic, and has been since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  12. California, Oregon, Washington state, new York, Arizona, Colorado, would be interested in joining Russia.

  13. May the desires of the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to reunite with Russia be fulfilled…..

  14. How many of you in this comment section were dropped on your heads as children. Firstly this is part of Georgia there PM would have to agree to this . Wow never read such utter rubbish in a comment thread.

  15. If this is what they want it’s their prerogative to rejoin their motherland what’s wrong with it


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