Space Engineers: Nanobot Build and Repair Mod and Scripts


In this video we see how to install and configure the Nanobot Build and Repair Mod on both large and small grids. We also touch on installing scripts within a Programmable Block.

The Nanobot workshop link:

The Nanobot Script workshop link:

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  1. Nice video will try this mod.. if you can will you make a video on trouble shooting issuses. Some i have had my miner was to heavy to move after mining had to add more engines ..not enough power had to add more generators and that sort

  2. Very nice.
    Might be able to save you a step. I use Isy's Inventory Manager, and set a healthy reserve of all materials (ie Steel Plates 3000). Any amount B&R pull from the reserves, the Assemblers makes more. Since everyone should use an Inventory manager anyway, this bypass having a custom script for the B&R–means less programmable blocks, less scripts, and better performance (if you got lots of scripts running). Also, if building from Projectors there is even an option to send all needed components to Assemblers.

  3. when i spawn the B&R block, it doesnt show all the options ( walk or fly mode, area and other stuff) as i see in the vids, only the few default options and a little box " help others" to chesk.
    Expermiental mode on and scripts enabled

  4. Unlike other Utubers I found your delivery to be nicely paced (not fast like others), and you started from the beginning. Again some videos assume you know/remember all the basics. So a big thank you.

  5. This is my favourite SE mod!
    I'm happy to manually build an outpost or do field repairs..
    But if I'm home in my shipyard and making a new ship, I prefer to forgo the thousands of trips to the cargo box to collect components… 😀
    Plus an endless loop of – right click, middle click, weld – right click, middle click, weld – right click, middle click, weld – doesn't make the game look fun when showing it off to friends!

  6. "Janitor grinds not owned blocks" means it grinds blocks that nobody owns, your friends ship does not count as a not owned grid since they likely have any computers on them. Not owned would be the light armor blocks that fall off once you grind a line through the ship's wing.


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