Space Engineers – S2E07 'Nanobot Drilling System'

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Intro designed by community member Moosiblé.

MWO Soundpack made by Haven Kendrick:

Computer Specs:
AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 12-Core
NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
32 GB Ram

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Comment (21)

  1. @kanajashi – You got lucky with how smooth things turned out for that tunnel. The way SE handles creating voxels is still on a "square" basis, just like how you build any ship, where there is a top, bottom, left,etc. If you had placed the foundation at a different angle from where you started, you still would have found those bumps. Where I'm at on my moon, I'm digging into the surface at roughly 45' angle, to the face of how asteroids are built, so I get all kinds of bumps. BUT, since the drill is based on the position of the base, then it becomes easy to make your metal tunnels, no matter what angle you're drilling into the surface.

  2. I have a weird ques….. yeah… Has anybody seen some weird s..t going on with gravity after starting to use Drill&Fill? In space/asteroids maybe not, but on planets/moons? Like random blocks (enemy ship being grinded down) starting to hover or planets gravity centre being not straight down but like 45 degrees off or…

  3. Just a hint… I attached those to blueprints for bases, and they mine out the parts that go in to asteroids or planets as the build repair puts it together.. full automated base construction..

  4. You want to know what I’ve powered? Get atlas super laser for all the anti pirate needs. Get beam drill for the one time use until your refinery finally finishes 20 year worth of stone.

  5. Can anyone tell me how to get these nanobot drill mods (of any type) to actually work for me, i.e., what mod, what script, and if necessary what order in the mod list? I can't get them to work, nor any of the NPC mods like modular encounters… I'm too new to tell if I'm the derp or some things just don't work in SE after the newest update…I heard all skyboxes have been broken…I was wondering why I could see at night…

  6. The mod use in the series has reached the point where it seems to me as flat out cheating, so I'm discontinuing watching. Thanks for what you have done to this point.

  7. Hello next season can you do a challenge i think everyone would like it . Survive only underground you cant go outside at all except when you need to go to other planets but when you get to the planet you have to go straight underground mods are allowed.What do you think?

  8. @17.20 I think you just lined the prospector up on the wrong plane to connect (ie. the nano drills were crashing with the connector lights, as the connector has two thinner/flat sides and two bulging with signal lights). Lol, not that this comment helps, being as you recorded this ep nearly 3 months ago. But I'm not sure what the block size's/collision zones are like, as I've not spent much time in SE. Edit: lol @18.50 you get it, sorry.

  9. just started to use these things, they are amazing and totally OP i can mine 70,000 kg of ore in seconds with small grid tools.
    also the range can be put out in front of the ship, i have the box set 40 mtrs out in front of the ship not around it.


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