Spiritual Blindness: Failure to see your own sins

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  1. Ecclesiasticus 2:15) They that fear the YAHWEH will not disobey his word: and they that love him will keep his way, ( 2:17) will prepare their hearts, and humble their souls in his sight. Jeremiah 13:16) Give glory to YAHWEH Before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.

  2. Amos 3:6) Shall a Trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city and YAHWEH hath not done it? ( This make you think, how can send my host Angels saved you, your heart not right, you having repent your sin, disobedient your parents, you @ the clubs, you not taking heed… my words of life.)

  3. Brotha Watchman And Sis Deborah Beautiful Lesson! In His Word He Continuously Tell Us That He Loves Us, And That If We Take Steps Towards Him He Will Come To Us. So What Does The World Try To Do? It Trys To Distract You From Taking These Steps, It Trys To Put Obstacles In Your Path, It Trys To Put Distractions In Your Mind, And If Those Doesn't Work, It Puts False Idols In Your Path That Make You Feel Like That You're Taking Steps Towards Him. Our Father's Word Is Alive And Active It Penetrates The Inner Most Parts Of Our Person, It Shows Us The Difference Between What Is Natural And What Is Spiritual, As Well As The Thoughts And Intent Of A Person, The Word Of God Exposes The Natural And Spiritual Motivations Of A Believers Heart. Brotha Watchman I Gotta Scripture For You!👉All Scriptures Is Given By Inspiration Of Yah, And Is Profitable For Doctrine, For Reproof, For Correction, For Instruction In Righteousness: That The Man Of Yah May Be Perfect, Throughly Furnished Unto All Good Works. 2 Timothy 3 Chapter 16-17 Verse!👈Halleluyah Shabbat Shalom Family!!!

  4. That's why I can't practice religion because everyman is a liar. We are born into lies. Only way one learn is not thru teachers of man, not just thru books it's thru our own living experiences thru the Most High spiritual principles I must daily follow inorder for a change to happen with in which in turn makes us true examples of the Living word . For everyman seeking to be right but not righteous. Everyone seeks their own and not the Father's . And that's ok because it's their process some get the understanding of that quicker than others. The Father said He seeking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth. But long as we keep our eyes on this world we will continue to reject the full truth. For if any man said he's without sin he is a liar not one teacher or who ever brings out the truth on this you tube ever speaks on their own struggles or sins . They hide their and speaks on everyone else's . We must cry out loud not only of other people but our own as well Thats how you can help heal your people by letting them know I'm no different from you here's my testimony and not my judgement only our Father will judge us . It's a ongoing process . That's why many are called and a few are chosen !!

  5. Shabbat shalom I know I haven’t commented in years on your platform. However I want to tell y’all great job. I know y’all blessing don’t come from us. It comes because y’all keep blessing His children. Keep being a blessing, our people quickly forget it’s better to be a blessing than it is to be blessed. All praises HalleluYah

  6. what is the title of the video about the shepherd of hermas? and the one about collateral damage? anyone know? I can't find it.

  7. this is a good lesson. I heard myself in this lesson. I am learning a lot about who we are in God's eyes. I thank you for this ministry. the teaching are the light for me

  8. SHaBBaT SHaLom Fam is anyone keeping the Pecach today or when did y’all keep it? And is the 1st of the month fall on every new moon?


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