Spiritual Warfare: Man-up & Woman-up Prepare for Battle

Spiritual Warfare: Man-up & Woman-up Prepare for Battle

Joshua Chpt 1 & 2
1. Only the new man can lead into battle Joshua 1:1-2
A) The carnal man can’t see spiritual things 1 Corinthians 2:14
B) Meditation Joshua 1:8
C) Commanded to be strong Joshua 1: 7,9
D) Full Armour Ephesians 6:10-18
2. Consecration Joshua 1:16
A) The Oath
3. Strategic planning Joshua 2:1

Mental not physical..2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Satan’s trick is to cause you to engage him physically

Prayer as a weapon

Meditation as a weapon 1 Timothy 4:15

Swinging the sword Hebrews 4:12,

Temptation Matthew 4:1-11

Fear, complaining, giving up, physical altercations, sinning, discourage, do nothing

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  1. yah is not the proper name for the GOD of Abraham Issac and Jacob….HIS name is YOSHUA, AHAYAH, THE MOST HIGH
    yah, jah, jehova are substitutes for baal who is satan

  2. We as Christ followers should be specific and realize that "evil spirits" will have THE MOST HIGH'S / YOSHUA'S people inadvertently worshiping Baal/Satan unawares. Use your dictionary to look up yah / jah and jehova then use the encyclopedia. You will be surprised at what you find!

    Jehova/jah/yah is a name for god…but what god?

    The names in religious reference materials, even the Bible, have been changed. Look at the publishers of your bible and research them, you will sometimes find that not only do they publish your bible and religious materials but they also publish wicca, warlock and satanic material, so this proves they have no allegiance to YOSHUA and will not correct mistakes and even mislead you on purpose. Shalom

  3. I so tired of these edamned-ites cave beast demons!Yah how much longer how long before you avenge us of all the evil the gentiles ha e for over 400 years? How long must we endure and see our enemies masking against the Children of Jacob?

  4. what is the link for Watchman on the wall can somebody please put it on there and comment cuz I don't know where to look for that

  5. I thank you both for being a blessing to those of us who are in the truth and coming into the truth Yah definitely is in the mist of our fellowship when watching and receiving the word thru the videos you guys put out. Many blessings to all of you n everyone who watches and receive word of the Most High Yah.. I don't have nobody to fellowship with besides my mom sometimes so I look forward to hearing more and growing Spiritually such a beautiful couple Yah has blessed .. Shalom!

  6. As I am watching the two of you interact and teach, I smile, because it is so heart warming to watch you two put forth the word of Yah. I can see the love and mutual respect there and it makes me happy because this is how I believe yah would want this to be. You are a loving example of what marriage should be like. Love and mutual respect. May Yah bless you and your household.

  7. Thank you for teaching me I'm single parent. Of Children. I need to know the truths for my household my kids,an myself. I'm raising sons,an daughters.

  8. Shabbat Shalom😊 if anyone passing by wouldn't mind sharing their victories, I'd appreciate it! Been in this trial for a long time now, and I'd love some encouragement, thanks!

  9. Shalom Shalom Todah watchman and Sis Deborah for this lesson. I never in all my years in Christianity learned how to become effectual in spiritual battle, until now. The missing key for me was the meditation piece and now that i meditate along with your guided meditations i have i experienced increased spiritual sight, increased faith and increased spiritual strength; growing up quickly. I am now able with focused intent to conquer natural confrontations and overcome physical obstacles with confidence in the Word and faith in Yahushuah. I will obey and meditate on the Word to prosper my soul. Many of our people don't want to have conversations about the Word, they rather talk about their problems, doctors reports and all; instead, they get entangled with drama. And feed on the drama of the world, ex. Television shows.
    I'm asking YAH for new family, a Torah living and believing family, in NYC.
    Tilapia is said to be contaminated these days.
    I got alot out this lesson. HALLELUYAH
    Todah Yahuah for your servants @Watchman and family.
    Shalom Shalom.


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