Spiritual Warfare: Strategic Planning & Preparing for battle

Joshua Chpt 2: Strategic Planning
1. Two spies are sent Josh 2:1
A) A prayer list is a plan and strategy
2. Story of Judith
3. Story of Gideon
4. Joshua Chpt 3: Preparring for battle
A) Sanctify yourselves Joshua 3:5 (KJV)
a) Consecration Romans 12: 1-2
b) Ye are a Set apart Nation 1 Peter 2:9
B) Magnify Joshua Joshua 3:7
a) New man must increase 2 Corth 4:16
b) John old man must decrease John 5:30,
C) Yah will fight your battles Joshua 3:10
a) 2 Chronicles 20:17…You will not need to fight

b) The Lord shall fight for you…Ex 14:14
5. Knowing Satan’s plans
a) Satan’s devices… 2 Corinthians 2:11
b) Depths of Satan…Revelation 2:24
c) Satan looks for the week…1 Peter 5:8
d) Resist the Devil…James 4:7
e) How to fight…Psalms 110:1

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  1. This may be off topic. But what is your take on the true Sabbath day. Whether it is SATURDAY or taken from the new moon cycles? Thank you. and Halleluyah

  2. HalleluYAHAH! This is an excellent lesson of seeing the spiritual side of life. We cannot live life, and that more abundantly if we are defeated. And we cannot be victorious if we do not fight using the strategies of The Most High, which are His Word and His thoughts, which reveal His Ways! HalleluYAHAH! YAHAH KHAI!

  3. I wanted to come celebrate shavout with you guys. I tried but I cant due to distance/schedule/money. I wanted to reach out to anyone in the philadelphia, nj, delaware, ny area who might be observing and would have room for me and possibly a brother/Israelite. I would come humbly and would contribute in any way needed. It'd be a great honor to me if someone could reach out to me and build a rapport with me that would possibly lead to fellowship in the word/truth. Yahu and Deborah if you could help in getting my request out in the matter I'd be very grateful. Im from philadelphia, 24, from the inner city and have been in the truth for about a year. my email is jld5650@gmail.com

  4. Hmmm, I just thought about an analogy about "resisting" the devil. You notice how corrupt police officers try to wrestle with a man, he'll have is knee in his back and say: "Stop resisting"? Hmmmm, what he's really saying is: "Stop squirming & trying to fight back". But in a lot of those cases, brothers don't even be resisting. How can they with a knee in their back or handcuffed face down to the ground? Wow! Thanks for this revelation on the word "Resisting".

  5. shalom I had to contact you the best way I could I recently saw a video of so called rabbi simon Altofts the video is titled gay sex is permitted in private. isn't that crazy how this man has changed.

  6. Shalom peace be on to you and your family blood of YAH. On you all let most high will be done for you 💯🙏📰⚡️

  7. The thing about the insects avoiding gmo corn….thank you. never thought of it that way and lets me know what to look for@ the grocery store.

  8. Shabbat Shalom Family!! This is a good lesson! If we stay in YAHS!!! word everyday its food for the soul! Deborah Yah! I'm
    requesting your e-mail address and phone # I would like to share somethings with you and your husband! can you send me
    your e-mail address and phone # to my e-mail i don't use any social media such as facebook etc.. I'm disabled!! Thanks!!!

  9. What time is your Sabbath Teaching? I would like to tune in to your channel before my Sabbath school…

  10. praise yah family love the lesson. i notice something you said during your broadcast you mention the saviour true name which is yasha praise Yah for reveling this truth to you yasha strongs concordance # (3467) the name that means save, saviour, and salvation and the name that is found in the dead sea scrolls blessing brother

  11. The Bible said: just as a Body though one has Many parts, but all it's Many parts form one Body, so it is with Christ, if the Foot say, I am not the Hand and the Ear say, I am not the Eye, I am not of the Body, for the Body is not one Member but Many (1Cor 12:12-18) Yall, Me & Others R of the Body of Christ, Yall R Light. 1 Love Yall

  12. that's true its not carnal its spiritual do not get upset when these evil beings try to provoke u t most high is telling u peace is not coming from the world its coming from within from the most high

  13. Halleluyah Praise be to Yahua Shalom I been listening to the Stragtic planning putting on the whole armour of yah and the war room journal and yes I can see the changes Yah has done for me and these lessons have really blessed me I Thank Yah for this Family Shalom Achoth Deborayah and Watchman

  14. Making this comment at the 1:03:46 mark. It sounds like we are to prepare ourselves as priests and go forward in battle minded prayer before "The Valley of Dry Bones" as mentioned in Ezekiel 37 are revived…a vast who will battle successfully on our behalf. All we have to do is do our part. Consecrate our bodies and meditate or pray if you will.

  15. Now I got a scripture for you
    You know I always do
    # that hits home for me 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  16. Great lesson, though this was 2 years ago. It's still of revelance today. The Most High wanted me and many others to see this message. Watchman and Deborah, you two are heaven sent. Thank you for the encouragement. We must fight in spirit against dark energies. Satan wants to weaken and eventually destroy us. We can't let him, as you all said. Fight mentally thru your soul with Yah's help/power. Trust in Yah to lift you and you will overcome all difficult obstacles.

  17. As you were mentioning with the witch craft of movies and Hollywood, I discovered that Holly-wood, Is the type of tree and wood that they use for a witches wand!!!!

  18. So the Cepher is the Best? Bible to have as far as newly coming into the truth? Don't have much money but I study and take notes from you all sermons because that scripture on resisting the enemy turning the cheek is in the regular Bible. So also resist means to fight? Glad u guys are clarifying this

  19. I be so disappointed ☹️ when the kids don’t sing in the beginning 😆 their voices are such a blessing, but I’m sure this will be a wonderful lesson regardless! Praise The Most High

  20. Proverbs 4:7 King James Version (KJV)

    7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

    The battle is spiritual… To revisit these videos, wow! They are better when you start to understand. Many are fleshly Israelites am I don't say that to insult but many teachings just like the inner war goes over a lot of heads. I'm just starting to pick up on things. All glory to the Most High YAH.


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