Spiritual Warfare: The Battle is here, shout down the walls!

Spiritual Warfare: The Battle is here, shout down the walls

The men of war….Joshua 6:3

Where are the men of war?

1 Sam 17:4-11

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  2. I love y'all. Thank you for GREAT PEOPLE like y'all. Me and my wife is striving to be like y'all in the the spirit.

  3. I love you'll: Thank you Deborah for sharing about your mother I had to lol. because my mother would say to us when something was done that she was displeased who did it we reply I don't know so her responses I whip all of you, and I know I got the right one. So you'll be encourage keep doing what the "MOST HIGH " tell you'll I been bless through your teaching. I hold fast to to words of the "YAH" Be Blessed!

  4. I appreciate all the works that you guys are doing watchman and sister Deborah!! but bashing your brothers for going out and preaching the words of Yah is totally wrong! the Most High is waking up his people and these people that are waking up to the truth have different ways of teaching just like Paul and Peter..their teaching wasn't the same! through these people doing the street preaching I came across Watchman videos so I would never said that they're not doing the work of TMH..and yes not all of us are called to do that and I don't agree with them cursing also; there's no need for that!!

  5. this is what I like most in this day in Yahstory.the trumpets announce Him FIRST.NEXT the priest bear His Throne.then the army shouts for HIS VICTORY.HALLELUYAH, for Yah is the victory!

  6. I just wanted to tell you that you guys you have saved my life. I don't know how I found this channel; But you have really saved my life. I'm a Freshmen right now but you and your wife have made a student of me. I thank you for your service.

  7. I just wanted to say I want your videos daily I have divorced Christianity and Embraced Truth for about 3 months nw.

    and I feel made over Halleluyah!

    You all videos really help me on a daily basis I listen on my way to work which is about 45 mins from my home and I listen all day while at work.

    thank you all so much for being Obedient to The Most High Yah will for your life. helping others wake up and receiving the truth.

    Shalom Family!

  8. I have one question and before I ask this question and yes I'm using the speak text. First of all I would like to say I have the utmost respect for you too The Watchmenreport has been a big blessing in my life I am a black man and I would like to just ask one question? I'm a black man I was born in the curse I was conceived in iniquity I was born in the curse and I've been raised hell. I hear all this talk about the white man being the so-called devil the Gentile, but what I'm trying to figure out is if the white man so bad and I'm not disputing his wickedness and how he works for Satan, but I don't get how we can sit up here and beg Masa and blame Masas. The children of Israel the children of Judah why are we doing more crime and more sinb to each other,more Abominations to each other then the white man is doing currently 2 us? WE can see what the white man DOES TO us but we seem to be blind what we do to each other. Now brother Watchmen you have a queen you have a Proverbs 31 Woman and she is standing by your side and she is allowing you to be the head of the house and you both are being used and led by YAH PRAISE the most High HALLELUYAH!!! But now for the brainwash stuck in The Matrix Willie Lynch train wanted 2 live a Kim Kardashian lifestyle on an EBT dope boy welfare project close mine budget. That have no respect for Elohim no respect for the men of Judah only respect the white man's laws and use the white man laws against their own people and walk around here loud Rude mean wearing weave and blue and green contacts talk about how weak black men are WHO with white women AKA Gentile women but yet don't even know who they are and are ashamed of being Daughters of Judah. AND don't conduct their behavior and character and integrity as your wife does as a daughter of Judah. so the question IS if YAH can be sick of his people as a whole and I'm a black man like I said and I've dealt with black people all my life and I was born in the South I am a Confederate baby and I know racism but I can honestly say white people have done more for me than any black person ever ever has or ever will. and I am tired of wayward stiff neck stubborn ignorant loud piss poor excuse for daughters of Judah mothers and wives downING Black Men Who rather bypass all the bull crap that comes along with the daughters of Judah and then separating the black man from your children and acting like harlots and only care about serving their God which is their gut and their vain vanity cuz Beauty fades how can they be jealous of Gentile women and WANT 2 BE ONE? AND HATE BLACK MEN WHO REFUSE TO BE A SLAVE TO THIER CLOSED GOLD DIGGER WAYS? YAH IS fed up with the children of Judah as a whole but I'm wrong for being fed up with the same thing he'S fed uP WITH? that I have to put up with from the very Daughters of Judah now for the ones that are Queens like you have and holding the fort down and standing with a man and serving the most high I give all praises and honor to but for them Hoodrats ghetto tight wearing club-hopping can't raise their kids keep a black man down put they put on a black man's neck when he down and thinkS the world revolves around them and jealous every white woman THAT HAS got straight hair real green and blue eyes and don't wear weavES AND CAN'T EVEN KEEP A SORRY MAN. I am not fooling with WITH ANY SLAVE MIND LAZY LOUD RUDE IGNORANT SO CALLED DAUGHTER'S OF JUDAH, and before I full with one of those Wayward stiff neck stubborn loudmouth rabbit acting dogs acting like the so called gentile women, I'd rather have and breed to the white woman period. Now for the Proverbs 31 daughters, women keep it real. But everybody can't find what you got and I covet no man's woman but I'm intelligent and intellectual enough and I know the word enough to know that everything black ain't the best and everything white ain't right like I said big UPS to the women like what you have keep it going and keep tearing down the walls of Jericho and 4 the hating on a black man like me for rather being with a gentile woman while they trying to be and don't jealous and envious of a gentile woman and keeping a black man like me down because they don't want to submit to the most high nor to a black man because the I won't buy in to the Lie Chaka Khan Every Woman / 1980 Janet Jackson Control, they can miss me with the guilt trip!!!! HALLELUYAH PRAISE THE MOST HIGH


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