Spiritual Warfare: You have no choice but to fight!

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  1. I disagree with Mike. Mike sir, Stop looking at this as if women have to be silent all the time. God used women in the Bible to reprove people sometimes too. God used Sarah to tell Abraham to send her handmaid and the handmaid's son away after being mocked. God used Ruth and many other women in the Bible. There is nothing wrong with Sister Debra teaching along side with her husband. She is not competing with him. She is a virtuous woman who is his help meet and she exemplifies herself as such. She is reaching some of us wives. Did you ever think about that???Thank you Sister Debra. Continue to use your voice as God leads you and Thank you Brother for allowing her to teach alongside with you and allowing us to hear your kids being taught in your lessons. This is very important.

  2. yeah king David slung a stone full of Jahs' Spirit at goliath: Samson was full of Jahs' Spirit and slew 1000 philistines with the JAWBONE of an Ass. Isa chpt 43:1-3- Heb. chpt 11:32-34-. Capable of pulling down the STRONGHOLDS of the adversary!

  3. I was working at a cable installment job were a coworker brought in his new rifles right after they passed the stand your ground law in fl (2004-5). He was waving them around in the office within 7 feet of my desk were I'm on the phone with a customer.

    He was waving them and saying yeah if someone comes on my property now I have the right to kill them and not go to jail. No one reprimanded him for doing that. It was only one man and one woman Isrealite myself at that site.

    Isrealites wake up!

  4. thank you for bringing the truth to my eyes and ears my faith has never been. stronger ..I've been listening. for a awhile and ask for . forgiveness everyday it's time for us as tribe to come together … and begin to fight the good fight …I have np lay my life down for most high

  5. Thank you Watchmen of Father Yahuah. You have made a huge impact on me and my friend use to be wife. Yes we are women but because of you and Mrs Deborah we have divorced and now following Yah into salvation Halleluyah and have been so peaceful and happy. Satan are attacking us daily so please pray for us that we stay strong in Father Yahuah!

  6. Please tell me were is hell. …and what does it means. When the bible, Said the meek should inherited. The earth…who will live on Earth

  7. the message your giving is very powerful and true but i have a little problem when you use the name god to refer to the father yahuah the name god is no where in scripture that name is realy the name of satan look in the book of enoch paragraph 69 and vrese 6 you will see who this god realy is hope you give me a response

  8. I am n a war right now praying for deliving fasting thanks for the help not know what eles to do so I serender

  9. I have always had an issue with the name 'jesus.' Consider this. Yah send the Greeks as punishment for disobedience. Why Yah, the God of Yisrael give his son a name after the heathen he used to render judgment against his people. There is no power in that name. Not to mention the fact that there are no j's in the Hebraic alphabet. God lesson. Much enjoyed.

  10. Bump forgiving our enemy!!!!!! King David had no forgiveness in his heart when he clocked Goliath upside his head and killed him. No sympathy for the feelings of his family when he cut his head off and put it on a stick. Hadassah, who we call Queen Esther had no mercy when she ordained a 3 day fasted to TMH to make Hamman answer for his plot to have the Children of Israel kill on the gallows he built. I'm sure they shed no tears when Hamman and his sons were killed on those gallows. Get serious. I feel nothing for their plight. That's a Christian mindset to have empathy for your enemy. In the art of war you feel no sympathy for your enemy. Wake Up Jacob!

  11. I'm feelin this. I don't attend company picnics, I don't attend company house parties, no hunting and fishing trips with them. I see them at work. That's the only time I need to see or be in their presence. Separate from them! My husband, when he was alive, told me his white co-workers invited him on a weekend camping trip and a hunting trip. I told my ish…..ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!! NOT HAVING IT!!!!! I was serious and my husband knew I was serious. He did not go to either!


  13. Thank you so much for this teaching, especially on Col 2:9-12. Satan always tries to take Yahs goodness regarding circumcision and pervert it to his own evil meaning/representation. I have received such a revelation as to the blasphamet (I know its baphomet, it's just such blasphemy that's what I call it). How we are cut apart/complete from the world through circumcision, he perverts into becoming one with the body/spirit.

  14. All praises to the most high Yah. We are in the end times and people are perishing at an extremely high rate. Who will stand? Pay attention!!!

  15. I waw immersed a week before this video when i got back to the house it was on like s
    desert storm. I even thought to myself that I'm going to stop watchng. After some time i realized I'm in this and have to move forward.

  16. You were wise to tell your son not to wear a hoodie. Many youngsters and adults too were wearing hoodies in tribute to TM or just a rebel culture statement. Then too, plenty of hoodies were for sale after TM's demise. Also wise is to not do such things as flash gold teeth and brand a pistol on social media as TM had done. We don't realize how far some of our children are going astray. When a Black youngster shot and killed his mother and father on the Eastern Michigan college campus hardly anything was reported on that incident in the media. Did you hear about that?

  17. I can see what you talkin about and the ones you are speaking of it is right next to you and they see you and smiles at you


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