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Sri Lanka announced on Tuesday that it would be defaulting on all of its external debt of $51 billion, after running out of foreign exchange for imports. Colombo called the move a “last resort.”

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Comment (32)

  1. Very soon if the situation does not improve you may see REFUGEES from SRI LANKA coming into India THINGS will not going to IMPROVE even in the near future as they are in a severe DEBT TRAP like PAKISTAN

  2. Looks like karma.. the same people who elected PPL who committed atrocities/geonicide on Tamil people now want them removed as it suits them. You deserve what you get, you voted Rajapaksa so you will carry the burden. I wish india doesn't help instead accept/help all tamil refugees using the same amount.

  3. This is happens when any country allows China's CCP settle in the country…

    Example : Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the rest

  4. Millions went like a wild fire and celebrated the victory when Rajapakse government committed war crimes against the tamils. The tamil only wanted equal rights and self determination to live peacefully. The sinhalese government denied their rights. Sinhala people vote for corrupted politicians knowing their history behind abductions, rape, looting and all. The majority people vote for Rajapakses when all tamils and muslims minorities vote against. The minorities were so smarter than the 75% sinhala community. Now the sinhalese are on the street begging for bread and milk and oil. Shame on you. Killing your tamil children of the mother lanka is a curse for the entire nation. The tamils demanded war crime investigation on Rajapakses but the sinhalese refused. The UN should intervene and punish the Rajapakses immediately and give all the rights for the minority communities of the island.

  5. Peace with the tamils. Tamil diaspora community are filthy rich. Atleast 100k tamils bring 1million each can pay off the debts and rebuild the country. But the sinhalese wouldn't want to give tamils rights for self determination. In Canada itself there are million tamils, very rich, europe another couple of millions. Only way out is to accept tamils as first citizens of the nation. Orelse sell the country to China and India. 51bn default, garbage money.

  6. 300 thousand military forces occupying tamil private lands in the north east. If war ended 13 yrs ago, why still military controlling the livelihood of the tamils, helping the Buddhist extremism commit genocide???? Millions are being wasted unnecessarily. Give tamils people the freedom to live equally in the island.

  7. Sri Lankans spent so much in killing the Tamils and then keeping them suppressed, so much so they voted overwhelmingly for the Rajapakses as they the hero's on oppressing the Tamils.

    They did not hesitate to put a war criminal in power, that is the evil of hate.

    Now the killers are beggers.

  8. Sri Lanka positioned itself with china to build them a port ? Now that's how you lose your port default on your payments.

    Sri Lanka should be with India if it needs help not china.

    How can you trust Chinese that's China fault.

    Sri Lankans move you lazy ass and do something for yourself and country kick china out.

  9. Help SriLankan citizens to find out where this money gone, public debt become private investments of politicians in around the world: may be not in their names but connected people. Worth to a investigation and expose these people, Finance Minister responsible is dual citizen, Prime Minister is brother of President, sports Minister is son of Prime minister, central bank governor was a puppet; this is a planned robbery and they rob the future of SriLankan people

  10. Indian navy should turn a blind eye to sri lankan smugglers of goods from tamil nadu…as a humanitarian gesture.


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