Sri Lanka cabinet: 17 new ministers appointed by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa | Latest English News

The parliament of the debt ridden south Asian nation Sri Lanka is all set to reconvene tomorrow but for now President Gotabaya has appointed 17 new cabinet ministers which comes amid widespread anti-govt protests .

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Comment (45)

  1. Is is so selfish … does he really think srilankans are fool … you and your family are the biggest reason behind all the suffering and this idiot is still not accepting it …just resign 💩

  2. Half of world Knows this family and parliament members stolen all the money please help srilankan to get that money back

  3. His own people demanding his resignation but he is appointing ministers, quite contrary. This clearly shows that he has no respect for his people.

  4. Shameless Gota, don't you understand Sinhala or English. We are asking you to get down from your seat. We don't want to see any Rajapakse face again. People please, appeal to IMF not to help until this family steps down. China or any other country don't send anymore money except material help like India did. People write to all Embassies not to send money to our country, they are going straight to Rajapkse family.

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  6. Very amusing this Indian channel does not talk about looting.. trying so hard to keep it under cover .. sad and poor reporting .

  7. Gotabaya is the only good Rajapaksha family member.
    Basil is the person responsible for the chaos.

  8. When and At What Time Gotabaya Rajapaksa will RESIGN as Shrilanka Citizens no longer wanted Gotabaya ANYMORE.

  9. අඩෝ මම කොමෙන්ට් එකක් දැම්ම මුන් ඒක ඩිලීට් කරලා. මුනුත් ගෝටා එක්ක ඩීල් එකක් ද? 🤔

  10. 95 % of Sri Lankan 🇱🇰 people are asking Rajapaksa's to leave politics but Rajapaksa's still playing retired, rejected politics with this generation which is very dangerous for the country message is clearly GO HOME Gota

  11. War criminals! Backed by NATO indrictly! Such a shame they couldn’t even keep the country for themselves eaither!
    Only solution is for Sri Lanka to be part of India!

  12. Sri Lankan President and his brothers playing a dirty political game on country’s crisis which is created by themselves. Now we can see old wine in the new bottles. His cabinet reshuffle is that.

  13. what's the bloody use? The Mutt is still there. steal some more money? watching from London
    Shame on the Bastards.

  14. Where’s the audit? What about the stolen money? If I was America I wouldn’t give a loan to Sri Lanka, and I’m Sri Lankan my self. They will steal this money out right as soon as possible. This “government” is worried about who has power rather than finding solutions.

  15. This is how revolutions happen 🤺 Marie Antoinette said – let them eat cake, when the hungry asked for bread. Corrupt, ccp puppets, Rajapaksas seem to be the modern day Maria Antoinette. Prayers for the suffering people of Sri Lanka 🙏🏻

  16. This is a Hitler government
    Brother is prime Minister
    4 other members in parliment
    And control 75% of public money whole other scarecrow mps used to get done what rajapakshes want.
    They misuse power given by people of this country to control law and order , police forces judiciary and and all government ministries a d departments.

    2. Therefore there s no democracy in Sri Lanka
    3.extreme executive powers that president gotabhaya has is used to control law and order police judiciary system and forcesvwhich ate maintained by public money.
    3. Their henchmen do all injustice corruption in the country while people are starting without food while no medicine at hospitals ..
    Not power for factories schools universities homes
    No feel
    Country is collapsed
    4. This government Now killing people by no supply of medicine food fuel power..

    5 rajapkshes with army commander defencevsecretzry now plan to throw chemical attack to peaceful protests against their Hitler givernmentbevery where in Sri Lanka to protect their power.
    This is violating of human rights
    They already have human rights violation complaints at Geneva against them.
    International community Pl come forward to protect stilankans from this
    Makos type / Hitler type family and their friends relatives who stolen sti lankans money and now trying to do human rights violation and trying to drag ethnic and religious riots to peaceful protests through the monks who do not have any discipline who never follows Buddha's word but wearing robes and do politics.

    This is violating the human rights

    Pl lawyers , srilankan diaspora , crickertes artists now take immediate international legal action against Rajapksges and their Hitler governmentband their friendscrekatives who robbed our country who bankrupted our country who stay in power against conscent of people .they now destroy democracy and sovereignty of sti lanka
    They need power to protect their illegal earnings ..

  17. ඔවුන් වෙනුවෙන් කුඩයක් ඇල්ලූ සියල්ලෝම නැවත වරක් පත් කරලා…
    “You can fool all of the people some of time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.” Attributed to Abraham Lincoln

  18. I hope they will find a solution to continue the peace in the country! God'sBlessings for the people in Srilanka!

  19. Bunch of idiots or thieves can not lead a country. This is what Rajapaksas are. His next plan may be to release the rest of his murderers from jail repeat what he has done so far. Stop destroying further. Gota is a thief and a criminal. He even fled the country during war to seek asylam from USA.

  20. Is Mr GOaTa 🐐 eating rice 🍽 or Human Organic Fertiliser 💩 from China? Looks like he has some Buffalo skin 🦬

  21. Worst President ever !!!. He ignores what people say. Please Go Home and never come back. YOU ARE FAIL. Hope to see your resignation soon.

  22. Gota tries his best to stay in power so he can send the white van murderers to kill the protesters. He was known for that crime and got away with it. He should pay for all the sins he commited in this life. May the tripple Gem bless the protesters and honest people of Sri Lanka after the protesters with white van

  23. This guy was the main reason for the problem of the country. But, he doesn't like to resign from his position.

  24. Mahinda Rajapakshe and Family…
    They are eating our country. Please, if possible, make them known as thieves. Do not take them to any country.🙏🙏

  25. This guy and his brothers are common criminals, an expose was done by Pandora papers ….they've stolen trillions of our nations money and invested under pseudo names in Uganda, dubai, Seychelles etc., Gota and his henchman hv criminal cases pending against them, but as soon as he came into power he got his cases dismissed by crooked judges!! These criminals should be behind bars fr life…this is why the ppl.of sri lanka are out on the streets agitating, until they step down ! Down with these criminals and theives !!


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