Sri Lanka Chaos: President Rajapaksa won't be resigning, demonstrations intensify | WION

In a latest update from Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will not be resigning. However, the anti-Rajapaksa protests …

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  1. The people of Sri Lanka stay united & protest ( be safe as well )until you clean up all corrupted politicians across ALL parties. My heart goes to ordinary citizens who are affected on a day to day basic. I am a Sri Lankan Canadian, who got terribly affected by 1977 & 1983 communal riots.
    One of my family member got brutally murdered & our houses were looted burned down. We were just an ordinary citizens.
    Racism & Ethinic Discrimination has been the major political investment in this country since 1948.
    It is this Ethinic Discrimination & Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinist mentality which brought "Gota" to the power & made Rajapaksha's heroes. This is what made them dictators & do whatever they want to do.
    As long as the politicians could use Racism & Ethnic discrimination as their political investment, opportunity for corruption & dictatorship will prevail forever in this country.
    Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with lots of potential. Its time for "Real
    Political System Change". Not just people or chair or else it will be musical chairs.
    Only during crisis & chaos , progressive changes could be brought, so that all ethinic groups have equal rights & opportunity.
    Hope Sri Lanka is ready for this!!

  2. 😀he won't. He reached there after a lot of effort. Can't just walk away. Now after get enough money and things got settled he may again turn his butt to india

  3. What a shameful individual is this guy. The whole country hates him and he still wants to be president of a nation that hates him. Unbelievable.

  4. Beautiful monster will stay in power destroy themselves and disappear all of them face off this Earth
    Wait and see SIVAN maletic

  5. This rajapaksa family and corrupted ministers are ruining peoples day today lives. International community must get involve to this

  6. Freeze all the money that gota family has and pay all the loans of Chinese with that money and elect a good representative for the country and live peacefully, happily within all community of srilanka and grow.. people's unity is the strength in a democratic country.

  7. @ 6:44, the covid pandemic, no, it was the governments reaction to the so called pandemic ordered by the WEF. Your news organization is broken.

  8. A criminal corrupt dictator will never give up and will never listen to the voice of people because their hunger for power and money.only the people power can crush the dictator family

  9. You can remove Gotabaya from power by proving that he was still an American citizen when he became the president of Sri Lanka. US records would easily prove this. Corrupted Election officials allowed it to happen and ignored this. They should all go to jail. Why dont the Opposition MPs challange this in Parliament?
    This is an opportunity for the opposition to prove that they are with the people and do not with the rest of the corrupted members of parliment. Take him to the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka or the International Court of Justice.

  10. Rajapaksha family stole money from all the loans taken internationaly and purchased assets oversees for their families .

  11. The protesters didn't become violent certain elements instigated it. This became apparent when most of those arrested were subsequently found to be members of the media and innocent bystanders.

  12. I would like to ask the media which politicians will be appointed to the government after the removal of this government? The problem is that the leaders of the ruling parties and the oppositions have been destroying the country and stealing money for more than 70 years….After the thieves, the thieves become the rulers of the country again. This is the problem. This economic crisis is not an immediate one. This is the result of the long-term theft of all politicians.


  13. The Interpol should definitely interfere and seize alllllll their wealth and assets as they were NOT born rich !! But STOLEN nations funds made them. The particular country their planning on living their lives after this should take sever action against this ruthless move.

  14. those who used to rob are now willing to do anything. to safeguard their family misconduct s he needs to stay.


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