Sri Lanka crisis & chaos: 'I regret the crisis', says Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa | WION

Sri Lankan police shot dead one man and wounded 24 others; this is the first killing of a protester since anti-government protests started. Police have used live ammunition against a group who were blocking a highway in Rambukkana.

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Comment (23)

  1. Given the mentality of the president and prime minister, this won't be the last but a start of a series of murders. Former Government Whip Johnston Fernando said Everything will be alright if we (government) kill one crow and hang its wing publicly. So it is happening now!

  2. Human rights in Sri Lanka are being seriously violated. We urge all the international community to pay attention to this.

  3. The police has the audacity to say they used minimum force. Apparently opening fire of live rounds onto protesters and killing people is minimum force

  4. Imposing sanctions on the Rajapakse family and freezing their assets…will be a start in the correct direction.

  5. Rajapaksa created the situation through mismanagement. A trade deficit results when you import more than you export. A balance sheet deficit occurs when you spend more than you take in as taxes. He has failed to realize his mistakes. He has failed to consult with other people more knowledgeable about economics than himself. He refuses to admit his errors and refuses to step down. He is obsolete and no longer eligible to serve as President.

  6. Can yall believe that the people who run the Sri-Lankan parliament are people who have barely done their a levels like wtf

  7. This is a lesson to just but other countries too. If power handed to wrong hands this what happens. Vote must be thought about twice before voting, election is an important thing

  8. Rajapaksas are thieves and murderers and belong in jail. They killed journalists and people against them. They stole country's wealth and invested in other countries. Further they abused power and pardoned serial killers from jail. This family is a sin for Sri Lanka.

  9. This is not the first death due to struggle already 5 died in queues for the past two suicide to death in front of president's residence…

  10. Resign 'President and his Associates' soon in view of People's Anger !
    Supreme Court must Consificate – Rulers' Bank Deposits and Properties !!

  11. Police have opened fire on civilians today … an unarmed man has been killed … Please help us..We need your international assistance to save us from the Rajapaksa family rule..Please save Sri Lanka.


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