Sri Lanka declares 5 day share trading halt, faces food and fuel shortage | World News | WION

Due to Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, the stock exchange has been halted for five days. The announcement was made by the Colombo stock exchange. Sri Lanka is facing a food and fuel shortage as well.

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  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  3. I'm feeling sorry for people of Sri Lanka they have to go through this, hope they will learn from it and other countries as well 🙏🏻

  4. India will also join Sri Lanka in a couple of years.

    Source : "Indian economy in tailspin: Subramanian Swamy’s 5-point formula to rescue economy" – Subramanian Swamy

  5. China is conveniently low key now. Else, Sri Lankans will hit them in such a way that China won't enter Sri Lanka for 2 centuries atleast. Cause the damage in cohorts, and stay low when danger is seen. 🤣

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  7. Srilankan are paying for their past karma of discriminating on their Tamil Brothers.
    Sinhala Politicians who helped in the exploitation of Tamils are now exploiting the ordinary citizen too …..
    Sinhala should first shed their superiority complex …. and never believe in only 1 family ever.

  8. Feel very sorry for Sri Lankans. Why not the opposition parties get together and prove their majority in the parliament? Why wait for until Rajapakshay family resign?

  9. I feel this is a perfect example of why countries need to limit their population. They have had decades of extra large families living in filth and squalor. I believe nowadays the average family is two kids. However the damage is already done

  10. 🙏 Prayers for the people of Sri Lanka! To help save money and prepare for the uncertainty of the future, my family and I have started a small backyard garden. We're learning how to homecan, seed save, make compost, and preserve what we grow. Less than 2 years in our new home and we've completely transformed the backyard. We are beginner gardeners, growing and learning along the way. Recently I started a gardening channel to help encourage others to begin growing as well. No time better than now to learn self sufficiency.

  11. If the Srilankan government had maintained a good relationship with India they would not have suffered so badly.
    Instead, they opted to become a lapdog of the Chinese.
    Anyways, I hope they have learnt from their mistakes

  12. These Sri Lankan's were the people who elected this gov as they loved this gov doing atrocities on a minority religion. They were praising and singing slogans of appreciation for killing & destroying innocent minority people … !!! I have no sympathy for these kind of people …. suffer now and suffer pathetically.. !!!

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  15. When Sri Lanka Returns Eastern Providence State Of Madagascar Archipelago Islands ; Stolen Cars,Houses,Fuel Tanks,Electric Grid,Money,And The Tens Thousands Of Dead Corpse ! Maybe Sri Lanka New Development Is Really Madagascar Materials For Standard Structure House Dwelling * the only poverty ritten nation in the S.A.D.C state ! That never built not even a new house ! Madagascar Just Produce Baby Boom Orphanage Globally

  16. Even if the government leaves, damage is done. How will a new government get the country on its feet when there’s nothing left to even stand on? It’s going to take time to build everything back up. Years.

  17. This is just a warm up for sri lankian people..😏😏
    Few more weeks.. we see the real out come.. 👀🙄
    Hold on to your seats.. 🪑🪑🪑🪑

  18. Karma still more to come. We will not forget this sh*t country for killing lakhs of our Tamil brother's and sister's… Hope Tamils there will not suffer much pray for them…

  19. Nice video very engaging from the beginning to the end, 👌 I recommend a professional broker for you guys sometime ago, can I get people who invested with him… Comments below.

  20. We will very soon hear the [announcement] mentioned in the Bible at 1 Thessalonians 5:3 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🎒🎒🎒

  21. There is a need to fix the room you are shooting this news piece. It sounds like it is a closet. If it is a simple sound absorbing foam will fix the way the voice sounds.

  22. Never understood why the Globalisation ill effects are not being highlighted as the main reason for this mess, see when a country does business it should be based on its assets and what it wants to trade but not based on western currency reserves and west controlled economics!!!

  23. Solar power was discouraged by the mafia. No dollars for panel imports + high tax.
    Electricity only from hydro.
    Only substitute for gas is wood/ charcoal.
    Little biodiesel could be produced many wild plants and seeds.
    Animal powered machinery/ transport should be seriously considered now until economic recovery.

    Farming will become number one trade.

  24. Once you become a chinese stooge, no one will help you. The west will keep the crisis going indefinitely, IMF will squeeze srilanka's balls till they are wrecked.



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