Sri Lanka declares public emergency: Market witnesses worst weekly fall | World English News | WION

Sri Lanka is facing a severe economic crisis, and the citizens are taking to the streets demanding to oust President Rajapaksa. Watch this report to know what caused this crisis.

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Comment (37)

  1. 2009 when the government killed my fellow Tamils.. no one stood for it. Today, Sinhala people are paying for their ignorance. Natures cycle..

  2. They protestors didn't set a bus on fire. It was the presidents minions who did that so that they have a reason to attack the protestors.

  3. Maybe the face masks are not made in China.

    Sri Lankan population density 327.65/square km.

    Australian population density is 3/square km … an endangered species … on the brink of extinction. MAMA MIA!!!!!

  4. Cut the bullshit sit down the world take away the middle class that pay for everything tear down the economy fill in the blanks

  5. Soniya soniya congress ile ne entha vagai kuru…. Soniya soniya Italiyan soniya…….. sila nal Buddist Janatha Partyyyy sila nal Congress Partttuyyyy.

  6. There is no concrete evidence that the damage was caused by the protestors as stated.
    The protestors were innocent civilians crying out in hunger and frustration brought out into the streets out of sheer desperation..
    The “work of extremists “ is the general excuse used if and when the necessity arise.

  7. NEWSFLASH!!!!!

    Ex-wife's renting out the entire $1.2M+ matrimonial home located in 28/81 Bath Road, Kareela, NSW, Australia, to illegals and living in the Philippines where her $ can go a long way.

    Yes, illegals, as tenants will require my approval/signature.

    Could be smuggling Ukrainian babies.

    As mathematicians say, "The number of possibilities is infinite".

    Children are adults and no longer living in the matrimonial home.

    Ex-wife's parents are Chinese emigrants to the Philippines. Have many friends and relatives keen on buying my share of the matrimonial home for a pittance — $90K.


    But authorities won't dare conduct investigation. Scared of either backlash from feminist groups or WUHAN CORONAVIRUS VARIANT attack.

    The moral is BEWARE OF PIRANHAs!!!!!

  8. I am a Sri Lankan .. Everyone in power in this country including the President is full of corruption and fraud .. They steal dollars and put it in their foreign bank accounts … Mahinda Rajapaksa's sons are having a good time … One son recently He took a painting worth Rs. Remove them by force ..

  9. There is no extremist , bloody rajapaksha family hooligans and the looting family bandits who have looted billions and cores of money are the extremists destroying srilanka to where it stands now.

  10. Rajapaksa must have taken advice from the Chinese which is a huge mistake, they ask to create Dynasty which he happily followed and he fall into their trap

  11. When the ' head ' is corrupt, then all chaotic developments occur. This is the present problem in most of the countries at present. 🙏🇮🇳

  12. If this family simply serves their motherland with gratitude they could have turned everything around for them.. with so much cooperation in cabinet so much could be done! But alas greed!!

  13. Make arjuna ranatunga president immediately. We all know how he won 1996 cricket world cup against all odds.

  14. This is shocking. Sri Lanka was one of the more prosperous countries of South East Asia. How did things turn out this way

  15. ஈஸ்டர் கொழுப்பு குண்டு வெடிப்பே காரணம்

  16. THESE ARE NOT ORGANIZED EXTREMISTS. These are people who are frustrated and destroyed by corruption and idiocrasy of the current president Gotabhaya Rajapakshe's regime. His presidency is all about imports and non to less exports. This lead to low number of foreign reserves and inability to import much needed things like fuel,LPG. Which in return hampered the electricity supply. Uncontrolled Chinese debt is also a main reason for this collaps of a country (since 2009). Currently there isnt a suitable successor to replace Gotabaya with a clear solution for above mentioned problems.


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