Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: Proposals for 21st constitutional amendment to be presented today | WION

Sri Lanka is currently witnessing its worst economic crisis since its independence. With rising inflation and lack of basic staples, the condition is steadily shifting from bad to worse. The newly elected Sri Lankan cabinet will be meeting for a session later today to discuss proposals for a possible 21st constitutional amendment

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  2. India must give Sri Lanka and Nepal around 50 billion each as a gift or else they will think we are poor and laugh at us.

  3. According to Wion. Since 2001 china gained 120 Trillion in wealth and became the richest country in the world. They also reported India lost 45 Trillion (world record loss by a country)

    Wion: At $514 trillion, China overtakes US in terms of amassing the biggest net worth

    Gravitas: How Britain Looted $45 Trillion From India

  4. What can you do for your country now. You evil rajpaska . Better run to china now. Let srilanka citizens rules their self now

  5. India should STOP throwing money down the drain, Sri Lanka has been using India & China for its unrealistic infrastructure development. Sri Lankan politicians & their families have been leeching loans and resources along with their corrupt COLONIAL CRONNIES for decades. Let the WEST-COLONIAL Masters bailout corrupt political power structure of Sri Lanka. Where is the CHURCH-POPE & Queen, when you really need them. Queen is technically head of state in Sri Lanka, let her deal with this mess.

  6. Rajapaksha made the country bankruptcy why not arrest whole family and investigate because 3 planes full of money fly to anther country pls arrest them

  7. Time for electing a new monarchist dynasty that will pay all of the country’s debt…just like in the case of Sweden(where the Bernadotte pay the half of debt) & Yamato(when they pay all the Korean Empire’s debt).♥️♥️♥️ Are there any rich Lankan dreaming for a crown. Then create a treaty where the 80% of the profit will go for the development of the Lankan people. While the remaining 20% will go as a government fund of running a constitutional monarchy. A monarch that will be a political neutral monarch that will act as an arbiter amidst partisan politics. By doing this kind of thing the political vacuum that always happened every election will be lessened. Then after that let the monarch create a sovereign wealth fund. A fund that is not under the jurisdiction of a prime minister or president or any political figure. A fund that is under the custodianship of a Lankan monarch.
    Here are the notable examples you must hear…
    1.) Monarchy Vs Republics by Prof. Mauro Guillen World London Forum 2021-2022
    2.) The true cost of royal family by CGP Grey
    3.) Debt Succession by Sidequest
    4.) Why you should choose monarchy by TedEx
    5.) Why Japan still have an emperor by How money works
    6.) Inside Life of Japan Royal Family (2022) by Luxlogy

    Edit: Just an idea. You can take it and also can decline 😇

  8. Power hungry people won't leave and no retirement age for polititians. We could only move Rajapakse's body out of office when he's dead. Even then he may come as a Ghost.

  9. Country is starving with 119% inflation. 3rd Highest in the world .Respect this Rajapakshas for that 1 more week is enough to bounce to no1.

  10. Either get that reporter a new mic or fix the dam' glitch problem….WION is a mega rich News Network…..sheesh 🙄

  11. Mona u oi. Mekata stavara cabinet patkaranna bari buddiyak thiyenne. Mona jokerayek da manda. Apiwath loke idiriye joker karanawa pankadayek ne oi.. thibba respect uth nathiwenawa. Kalakanni eluwa.

  12. New Cabinet ?? now they will fight for the IMF money , ONLY chance for SL that these Monsters will Kill EACH OTHER

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  14. Let all the nations of the world come together and occupy Russia, just as Russia is occupying Ukraine by carrying out genocide. All countries attack Russia.

  15. In fact sri lanka is has been ruled by underworld thugs ,really they are not politicians ,they are clever at deceiving the people by lying .

  16. These all are big thieves 🤑.our parliament is thieves 's bunker .🇱🇰🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲😔😓😓😓

  17. What are they going to amend?
    Every constitution amendment were already discussed before scheduling a voting date.
    What was the proposed amendment???

  18. Sri Lankan corrupt government kept 3 million Tamils under such economic crisis for the past 27 years. No one ☝️ talked about it so far. Now the RajaPACKS (🐺🐺🐺🐺) stole all the 💰 and the Sinhalese public felt the pain for just 4 weeks and they are all in the streets jumping up and down without any guts to kick those wolves 🐺 from the government.

  19. RajaPACKS won’t leave the government because they are smart. They know that if they leave then they will get arrested for the corruption and war crimes in 🇱🇰

  20. This is the Sri Lankas broiler chicken cabinet. This is not a cabinet just a bunc of political slaves of Rajapaksha junta

  21. India should stop petrol supply to Srilanka.
    Another 500 million credit fuel is given to Srilanka by India again.
    Pakistan & China are lovely friends of Srilankans, Let them hep

  22. What a joke these circus of clowns are led by an uneducated , mega corrupt and utterly incompetent prez and pm. The biggest fools are the voters who gave a huge majority to these nincompoops.

  23. Ha ha ha
    He he he
    Ho ho ho,

    30 years of war against the Tamils has earned Srilanka the name parriah is not a surprise.

  24. It's another time to set a goal for the year, one need to set goals and take bold steps in achieving them. Remember success is not obtained overnight, you have to stop procrastinating and try what you have always wanted to improve in you're life and well being. Investment will take you closer to your dreams.

  25. Rajapakse family are the reason for the crisis. These ruthless war criminals have looted the contry to the fullest.

  26. Sri lanka is always best friends with china and Pakistan. Only when they are in crisis, they come to india because they know that indian politicians are bunch of clowns. Modi is a 🤡

  27. You are agitating a few. The majority of the people in the country are against it. We will not come forward in the media. No matter what government comes, everyone is always against it. The only problem outside is the lack of dollars. The people are with the government


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