Sri Lanka faces 13-hour blackout; hospitals halt surgery, runs out of life-saving medicines | WION

Island nation of Sri Lanka is facing nationwide 13-hour-long power cuts from today and this comes as the economic crisis in the nation is expected to worsen even further.

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Comment (33)

  1. The root cause of Sri Lanka's crisis is excessive borrowing of International sovereign bonds from capital markets. The previous Wickramasinghe gov had taken 12. 5 billion dollars worth sovereign bonds. We have to pay back 1 billion per year. Since our economy was hit during corona and we have to pay the International sovereign bond loans, SL has been downgraded by international rating agencies. So SL companies cannot open an Letter of credit to import diesel n petrol. We have to pay the spot rate. Thats the problem SL faces now and the reason for shortages

  2. The Rajapaksas have doomed the entire country. This is what happens when a family runs a nation like its personal business.

  3. What really happened to srilanka 🙄🙄😭
    People should fight against government and rajapaksas corruption 😭😭😭

  4. prepare for the global blackout. klaus schwab. called it great reset. its the banking system reset after weeks of blackout

  5. India is saving so much money buying oil in black market turn around and loan that money to Sri Lanka so that they get another country in debt. Which is great for India not good for Sri Lankan

  6. GREAT COVERAGE, THERE. Yep. Sound byte that focuses on the EFFECT and effectively dodges the CAUSE… as well as under-reporting the widespread social unrest:
    "HUNDREDS" instead of a Thousand. "Some number" of protesters outside of a government office… THEN a glance at a major CAUSE: CORRUPTION in a family-run "FRANCHISE" form of Government. PAY TO PLAY.
    YEP. Here it is: A model, a Market Test for the FUTURE of the GLOBAL VILLAGE.
    Well… It's a JOB. Hope it pays well and that you get to keep it.
    Shame on you. And a POX on the Komodo DRAGONS 🐉 Staging the COLLAPSE and steering the "fix".
    DEVOLUTION in progress. Run the OTHER WAY!

  7. Mornings 5 clock to elven without electricity
    Similarly five o clock evenings to 12 o clock
    This time not sleeping time
    But it is the correct if electricity problem incresed
    For home use
    But health related is main to continuing electricity supply

  8. If you have been to sri lanka you know how friendly and kind people we have in our country .The leaders are misusing their tolerance.They have suffered a lot during the past years,and these are NOT generally poor or struggling to live kind of people . They used to lead a good life with their families and everything is turning other way round. Yesterday there was a peaceful protest in colombo and there were no extremists involved. They were just innocent people who could not stand the immence pressure anymore. This is not a problem of a single nationality or a religion, but of all the sri lankans together.sinhalese, tamils, muslims , ..all are in this together.


  10. Top government sources, while not naming the US, had earlier this month said that countries with oil self-sufficiency cannot “credibly advocate” restrictive trading with Russia.

  11. Just goes to show why we need to ditch the dollar as world trading currency, only serves to benefit the Americans and nations tied to the dollar…🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  13. In the first place Sri Lanka President n his followers Ignored INDIA..n sidin with China..bcos of dis the r payin a huge price..Get well soon Sri Lankan✌️✌️

  14. Sri Lanka should be a case study in all economics textbooks on what can go wrong if you put uneducated clowns in charge of finance and economics…

  15. Thanks God. In Bangladesh we have no electricity shortage even at present we have capacity to produce extra 10000 mw electricity which we don't need. Our foreign reserved is more than 48 billon.

  16. I think 400million dollars ..not so much .. Some countries may fulfil their loans.. developed countries help lankan peoples. Its national emergency. Please help them .. atleast OIC / EEU.


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