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Debt-ridden Sri Lanka’s inflation has hit a record high for the six consecutive months. The official data on rising inflation has now raised concerns as the Sri Lankan government has asked the international monetary fund for an urgent bailout.

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Comment (36)

  1. In India nation Asia nation advnatge lab testing book facilitese advnatge educatioan news business small requieast to massanger

  2. India is no different., prices are rocket high but wion the subsidiary of zee network which is mouth piece of BJP has daily screen time for mere 2cr populated island but not 120cr India.

  3. I support Ukraine all the way but why doesn’t America invest millions into this poor country too?? This is why it’s easy for the Russian and other communist regimes to undermine international law..

  4. Only issue india has with them is mr 10% & crew have drunk & stolen what little wealth they had so now they will sell donkeys & pitch blk women to chinese ! Lesson 1 – wash wid left hand ! Url keep begging india then run 2 china now url dug the hole go ly in it ! Weres all da proud tamils of india dat went abroad & cried 4 tll ? Dere areses wid dry kak is all stuk from America, canada , u.k & esp. South africa !

  5. These are the games that the IMF is known for.. Be courageous and do not go back to them at all, declare bankruptcy and start over similar to what Iceland did.

  6. Srilanka is wayyy richer then indyyya
    Srilanka HDI and percapita income double then indyyya
    But wion is focused on srilanka crisis and not on communal hatred and civil war in indyyya

  7. One of the world's treasures—Sri Lanka—is in difficulty. Let's analyze things: what is the biggest problem? Let's help Sri Lanka solve that problem. What's Sri Lanka's next most difficult problem? Let's help Sri Lanka solver the 2nd most difficult problem.

  8. This is what Karma looks like.

    Killing more than 135,000 Tamils. AND THE MAJORITY population and the Buddhist monks cheering on and voting the war criminal back to power with a thumping majority.

    Where were the protests when Tamils were killed.

  9. The culprits have no shame or dignity! Hanging to powers! Go to jail FIRST without bail! Assholes!

  10. Wait for it until the regular Suicide rate in Sri Lanka jumps higher because of this economic crisis

  11. World's 5th largest country Pakistan (population 225 million) has only 10 billion dollar worth of foreign exchange reserves left. Will easily become another Srilanka in a couple of months.

  12. karma caught up with sinhala just like kashmiri muslims. anyone going against hindus are destroyed in long run

  13. Where there is division there will be conflict. Government authorities and citizens are divided by the bridge of corruption. Citizens have worken up to misuse government funds for a long time by the Rajpaksha family.

  14. Like India, in Sri Lanka, 80% of the population was in danger. Look today Sri Lanka has gone to Chheda, India will also go.🤣

  15. This is serious situation modi

    U need diversified india foreign reserve

    Western currency especially is unsafe

    Near future development would heavily damage their value

    Did something with that dynasty so we can haste lanka integration with india interest

    That island value for india is equal with hawaii for usa

    With only imf system their crisis will last long enough for dragon accusation

  16. Stop rallying too much can create lost job and hunger strikes , why this happen they have many ofw same of us in Philippines? I think their ofw can let stand their economy not defend to much on their government money on other countries with out proofing where they use it thats a big problem citizens must be wise enough to question it on their politics or else let them out on there position ..thats why their ofw must send money every month to their family and use wisely create business and send their children on school to have a progress development in economy and can have power to remove politics that doing nothing because they leiying on their government ..hope God will manage your struggle..God bless

  17. Call it the hands of God. The once proud Ceylonese have now been humbled. They resorted to firing and killing our fishermen. Several families of these hapless fishermen still mourn their loss. Look now at their miserable state of affairs. Gone are those days when they were minting money via tourism and sale of tea.
    This puny island is now in dire state, their financial state miserable and their corrupt rulers running to save their hides.
    No more pity to this island nation,but MODIJI being kind hearted as always has never let them down. Now where are those friends of theirs,?


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