Sri Lanka police open fire at protesters, 1 dead; US, UK, Canada envoys call for probe | World News

Sri Lanka resentment against the economic austerity is escalating. The common man is on the streets across the south Asian country voicing anger against the government’s mishandling of the economy. One of the protest sites has become the center of agitation after Sri Lankan police fired live ammunition killing one person which is also drawing foreign concerns.

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Comment (31)

  1. This is srilankans
    The Hitler government
    Now started.their 2nd mission

    Control protestors through create violence
    1. Hitler government want to create violence through high lighting ethnicity religious differences.bybusing voice cuts of their thug minks wearing robes a d do politics but remember they are luxury monks do only politics earn v8, money foreign trips and making palace like temples..they don't follow Buddha's path

    2. Hitler government along with their defense secretary police head secretaries army commander plans to create conflicts between
    general public ,who do peaceful protests on road against deaf and blind Hitler government and police& forces

    The lical protests could have been organized by the government henchmen for money and and then they too create violence for enabling to poluce and army to fire

    These are deaf a d blind extremely corrupted Hitler governments rajapkshes tricks to stay in power by creating violence to forget the major problems of country.

    Lawyers sri Lankan diaspora, before sending dollars be together come forward to take immediate international legal action against this rajapkshe clan's Hitler government their friends and relatives who earned illegal money from robbingvour assets central bank
    And stolen our money, created violence made srilanka bankrupted.

    The rajapkshes and defence secretary ,army commanders already have complaints ifor human rights violation n Geneva .need to reinvestigate them and punish them

    Sri lanka killer Hitler government Now start firing peaceful protestors a d kill them already killed people in rathupaswala, in mahinda rajapkshe government , they attacked killed media personnel and journalists, they killed people in rabukana
    Through creating violence now

  2. M.R says that he has confidence in his government impartial investigation. He carried out many such investigations before like Lasantha, Ekanaligoda Thadjudeen and a host of journalists. They were all credible investigations which implied that all of them killed themselves.

  3. Oh look.. the corruption that runs China and Russia is also in srlanka. Who would've guessed right? Corrupted animals

  4. It MUST be the Global Nazi! We all believe a narrative but is it the narrative. They've been exposed but so few are watching because you have to read. Back track your countries History young people. In my country AA in headline NEWS …when they get caught.

  5. Namal R's Cryptocurrency account holds over 1milliion Bitcoins. This is verified infor. The going rate for Bitcoin today is USD 42,000/- so if you liquidate his Bitcoin account it will fetch USD 42 Billion!

    Mind u, this is not the only asset Namal has and anyway who's money it really is?

    I am disgusted. People do not know the enormous amount of our country's wealth that this R family has robbed.

    Namal's may be the smallest. So you can imagine the amounts robbed by MR, Basil, Gota and the other members of this family which has put our country in this position today.
    ❤️🇱🇰 Anoma Kulatunga Financial Sector Specialist working for the World Bank.

  6. Its only te Rajapaksha familiy and there close circle who can afford to live with stolen money. General public is suffering .

  7. People of the world. Im a Sri Lankan. Dont trust these Rajapaksa's twitrer messages. they are the once who gave the Orders to shoot innocent people.

  8. Rajapaksas have slowly started moving the chess coins, they will instigate the violence and impose a military rule under the pretext of national security. SL is in the queue to become North Korea of South East Asia. Rajapaksas will rule Sri Lankans as slaves for centuries to come, but SLs who wanted to enslaved by Rajapaksas

  9. This is very disturbing poor people in Sri Lanka got no food no transport. This president and his family after stealing everything from the poor country and from poor people still trying to be in power. His assets are 3 times more than the total debt in Sri Lanka.
    It seems like that stealing is accepted innocent people cannot do anything. It seems police is supporting stealing and wrong doing as they can get the bribes from these kind of activities. People should rise against this now and should not stop .

  10. The most MOST important is to jail these criminals who are running this country and return the money stolen by these crooks

  11. These politicians have no brains to see the things happening in the country and suffering of people. Rajapaksas have stolen money and taken into other countries in illegal ways. That is one cause for the collapsing economy. Years ago Basil Rajapaksa stolen money and disappeared and now living in USA. As we see the main cause of collapsing is stealing money and mismanagement of resources. We want dissolve the government and appointment new interim government to control the situation. We do not trust most of these low quality politicians as they have misused public funds. Please raie you voice against these dirty politicians who ruined the country.


  13. This is karma for you singalese remember how you treated Tamils and you celebrated prabagarans death now you cant even afford food. Go cry to your politicians like they going to care.
    Apaaa avaaaa apaaa avaaaa (we are here) this what they were shouting when they won the election now go and dance and shout. Karama is real

  14. US?? They basically invented police brutality. Other than that this is totally unacceptable. Anyone responsible should be held accountable.

  15. All Srilankans all over the world must report the assesets of Rajapaassociates so they can be prosecuted in respective countries, Sane like former US Srilankan ambassador to USA now in US jail. Jaliya Wickramasuriya, a close relative of Mahinda was sentenced last month in US courts.

  16. This kind of incident happened from a long time in Sri Lanka. How come this unheard WION channel was on the spot at timely???

  17. Rajapaksha Government kill innocent people please help to the Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 🇱🇰🇱🇰 no food no gas no lights 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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