Sri Lanka president and monks hold key meeting to discuss economic crisis | World News | WION

A delegation of Buddhist monks have arrived at president’s house to hold a meeting with Gotabaya Rajapaksa and to discuss the ongoing economic crisis. The aim here is to help arrive at a solution to resolve the situation, this after citizens held protests in Sri Lanka’s capital.

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Comment (26)

  1. Very good Mr.President you are calling monks to discuss about economic crisis of the country this shows how inteligent you are? discuss with economic experts about the economic crisis, discuss about the religion with monks show the difference not a trailor of a coming movie, you have alredy spoilt the country in the name of religion and and the race is enough is enough. Please dont turn this into religus as you are good in turning all small protest againt minority citizens of the country and make it as a commununal crises as alway you have did and you are expert in doing.

  2. Dont insult any monks😡.monks are doing right thing.namo budday!.they came to save the country .they dont tried to control or give advice about economy…they came to expell these politicians if they cant run the country correctly

  3. Harming national resourses is a plan of rajapakse slaves.they did it cuz when it happen ,government has a reason to put curfews to stop riots.finally they put curfew until today 5 AM

  4. Well. This is not the majority of the Buddhist monks. These are the few monks who support the Rajapaksha regime. Also, these monks shown in this video are not the real monks that follow the Lord Buddha teaches. I'm a Sri Lankan.

  5. I hope that the monks also have PhDs in Economics and Finance (from top universities in the world) like Basil Rajapakasa!

    With the help of the monks, the Rajapakasa brothers should be able to deliver prosperity and splendor that they promised two years ago!

  6. This situation deliberately created by china… So that china could rampage the island on the basis of the economy…!!

  7. Only problem is 1 family and parliament members stolen all the money please India help to get those money back

  8. Sri Lanka is laughed at as a totally failed majoritarian Buddhocracy. It lost its democratic identity and political nobility. Beginning with the President the country is in the hands of a pack of dynastic scoundrels. Not a single educated person with political and administrative wisdom is in the cabinet.

    Look at the paradox the country is burning and the media is frothing that President is de inviting Buddhist monks with their medieval thinking to discuss economic policy , foreign policy and governance. Only Idiots can "hold key meeting to discuss economic crisis" with monks without even high school education. Can’t the media educate the politicians as it happens in all developed countries. The media and the country’s police force must dissociate from partisan politics, otherwise, this country will collapse into hell before the end of this year as predicted by Gnana Akka. Today Sri Lanka in compared only to Myanmar (Burma) and Somalia. M. Costa

  9. Buddha said Destroy your desires……Chinese and Sinhalese are Buddhists. Praying Buddha and preying on Tamils.
    You reap what you sow.

  10. After the attack tear gas and attack by police to people be violant and they attacked to police special tusk forces.and vehicles.

  11. These saffron clad people living ordinary lives just like us are not monks at all. They do everything we do. They are masters at conning the world that they are pious beings. They can even threaten judges inside courtrooms and get presidential pardons. They go to see the president only when the president is frightened. They did not see the people suffering all this time. This yellow piece of cloth should be strictly regulated to prevent the Buddha's incomparable philosophy being abused by gutter scum conning the whole world as men of virtue.

  12. श्रीलंका को भारत में शामिल हो जाना चाहिए

  13. As long as they don't turn violent toward tamils like they did before, they can do whatever they want.


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