Sri Lankan government lifts social media ban amid the ongoing unrest over the economic crisis | WION

The government in Sri Lanka after facing outrage has lifted the social media ban amid the ongoing unrest over the economic crisis.

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Comment (36)

  1. People now you have the power to change,

    It takes turmoils like to bring revolutions,

    Only dire conditions like such can unite people and to think of them as a Community and not as a Individual.

    So I hope Sri Lanka will use this chance to choose better Representatives.

    Indian did and I hope Sri Lanka will follow suit…

    India as whole needs to do one thing, Respect their Sovereignty and don't interfere in their Internal matters.

    And to make Sure, No one outside can Interfere as well..

    If we want good of Sri Lankan people then we as a Bigger nation should make ensure no Interference from outside forces

    Because Outside forces sideline Sri Lankan interest and use Sri Lankan resources for their vested interests.

  2. We will take back what’s ours.
    The IOC – indian oil corporation
    The Mannar Island 🏝
    Port in Colombo
    Indian companies will have to pack soon too.
    We have the same policy as yours.
    Nation First – no outsiders

  3. What shame the Sri Lankans are living on loans given by India and China week by week. For how long can the live like that , self inflicted economic catastrophe

  4. What the positions of Indian crises of economic goods costly petrol diesel gass every thing is costly pm not taking action against costly in bahrath we also elected pm modi we have rights to questions them this is democracy country not kings state shame

  5. Reason for this economic collapse is not only poor economic management but mainly the politicians stealing money and bank them in other countries and buying property in other countries

  6. Wow it feels like war time….
    Wait u guys wouldn't know what happened to us right…

    They came for Tamils then for Muslims finally you… please next time think of us when you vote

  7. People should look into how much money Rajapaksa family hide in offshore banks. I'm pretty sure most of the foreign aid given to develop Sri Lanka went in to Rajapaksa family. absolutely disgusting what is happening to this beautiful country!

  8. Why reach out to the imf ? Isn’t the west the worst? Please continue asking China to help you. The west should be the last place you look for support, don’t you think ?

  9. The writing is on the wall for the corrupt & murderous Medamulane clan. They will not go without shedding the blood of the innocents which is nothing for them.

  10. Rajpaksha brothers have ruined the country with plenty of corruption of Chinese money….all bank account of Rajapaksha family should be frozen with their assets and an audit should be carried out by international courts.

  11. Mahinda and the prime minister are brothers😂😂😂😂😂. That’s a joke they see each other everyday

  12. India sending rice 😂😂😂😂. One would say that’s like sending coal to Newcastle. But not this time because the SL govt destroyed our rice farming

  13. Sri Lankans should seriously think about pyrolysis to generate oil from plastic scrap. They can ask Middle East/Europe to send the plastic garbage to Hambantota port for a fee and then convert all that plastic into fuel to run the electricity plants.

  14. Obsession with organic farming, hmmm should i say reporters have a taste for chemically grown foods ? and here i thought being natural was a good thing. wait ! isn't it ?

  15. Police and Forces are not carrying out duties according to consitution
    All forces ars safeguarding the
    Govrnerning party politicians
    Not the general public

  16. The government of Sri Lanka cannot delay in seeking the assistance of the IMF and the World Bank and assistance from governments favourable to helping Sri Lanka in this crisis .
    Countries like Australia in particular who has thousands of Sri Lankans and the USA and Britian and European Countries would be more than willing to offer financial support and also fuel supplies and medicines and rice and powered milk products and food items to Sri Lanka in this desperate time of need .
    The govt can't wait any longer and needs to make diplomatic approaches to these countries as Australia would be very sympathetic to its urgent need of help .
    Don't wait till the situation becomes grave and the economy is totally derailed and another Asian country drives SL into further debt .
    God bless this beautiful country and its people 🙏

  17. Problem was you coudnt download VPN. Was only benefcial if citizens already had downloaded VPN. We got a 1-2 hr notice of the curfew and many were more concerned with getting home. All this is pushing tourism and the youth out of this country. Corruption and cronism is to easy 😪 Sri lanka is the most beautiful country and people again destroyed by poor governance.

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  19. That's why I support Kisan movment (2020 -2022) because agriculture and small retailers (khudra vyapari )are the back bone of Indian economy .

  20. There is a way out of this situation and this is Utopia Ecosystem. Learn more, join and your problem will be solved!

  21. Sri Lanka used the same strategy to commit genocide in 1983 against minority Tamils. Today, I am glad people united, resisted and eradicated the evil power from oppressing voices.

  22. Dear Srilankan people,

    Join with China forever. Take my words, you will have better living standard than trusting any political parties in Srilanka. Call for a referendum to Join China forever!


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