Sri Lankan President faces biggest street protest in Colombo amid economic crisis | English News

Amid the ongoing economic crisis in the Island nation, Sri Lankan President is facing the biggest street protest in Colombo.

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Comment (21)

  1. "" themalla hiwanethe "" oyi modaya , marrakkalla hiyannawa tourism will come back to Mecca, to fix the sri lankan economy, thvath karbang peethoro, thamusalla wa konna da anndawlla.?

  2. Ali Sabri new Finance Minister has been the personal Lawyer of Gotabaya rajapakasa. he has no knowledge on economics but knows how to cover up the Rajapaksa crooks. we fight with all our strength to bring them before law

  3. Great gesture by India towards helping Srilanka in economic crisis, however in history srilanka always stood against India in hour of need. I strongly feel srilanka is exploiting the India goodness.

  4. Dear Sri Lankan people,

    Call for a referendum to Join India or China permanently. Please do not bother with your political parties. They are all corrupt. The main issue is small countries like Sri Lanka cannot survive among the global capitalism and market economy. Your economy will always be under threat whatever you do. This is why certain countries are always on top of the league in economy and politics. I would strongly suggest you to call for a national referendum to join with China or India indefinitely. Sovereignty, Democracy, and Freedom are for text books and media only. These do not exist in real world. We are all slaves to the capitalism and market economy anyway. Therefore, you will need to join with a big stable country like China or India who are much more stable than Sri Lanka. If you join with China or India permanently, eventually your people will have better living standard than struggling with your corrupted politicians. You will have more chance to join with China than India because majority of voters are Buddhist. Please take my words. It can be done. Have a go with national referendum in order to join India or China. All the best.

  5. Only way to meet that 3 billion Dollar requirement is by confiscating illegally acquired assets of these politicians
    Sorted. 👍
    You will get a lot more than 3 billion Dollars if you do that. You will be surprised 😮

  6. Keep it up my SL friends,
    Rajapaksa please give up, let SRI LA Lanka to survive, come back to USA.
    We will prosecute Rajapaksas here in USA.
    Support from California!!

  7. Keep in mind If any country frequently take loans from china for high interest rates thats considerable. May be politicians are corrupted.

  8. The economic downfall of Sri Lanka happened not just over the last two or three years; it happened in 2015 the moment UNP/Yahapalana came to power!

    Soon after the war was over and the Tamil terrorists were defeated, China entered the scene to help Sri Lanka in its development programs! They were pouring in money and embarked on several projects in the country – mainly in the North and South.

    The former LTTE cadres who surrendered were being rehabilitated and were being given vocational training in several sectors for employment in the projects that were being initiated in the north!

    The southern development was accelerated to create a industrial and commercial hub including for tourism with the new port and airport!
    The economy of the country was heading in an upward trend!

    Then came the threats from the “West” that didn’t want China taking root in SL and were conspiring with Ranil Wickremasinghe and former president Chandrika Kumaranatunga to topple the government!

    Ranil W knew he would lose a record umpteenth time if he contested for presidency in 2015 – so Chandrika K nominated through the SLFP, for a totally incapable person named Sirisena from the SLFP to be a common candidate for presidency – on the agreement that Ranil will be appointed PM and he will be in control – and Sirisena was just going to be a puppet!

    Soon after UNP/ Yahapalana candidate Sirisena won and Ranil became PM, the first thing that Ranil did was kick out the Chinese and stop all development projects initiated by them! China then stopped the money flow; development projects stalled; people lost jobs – especially in the north and south!

    Then came the big blow – the Central Bank heist planned and executed by Ranil Wickremasinghe and his crooked Singaporean citizen buddy Arjuna Mahendran – and the millions of dollars stolen money all ending up in Singapore under Mahendran’s care on behalf of Ranil!

    At this stage the people realized who the rogues were! Finally, in 2020 the UNP candidate was defeated and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa came to power!

    Unfortunately, in addition to the loss of development projects, jobs, money scammed by the Central Bank heist, the county was affected by COVID (the whole world was) – and that affected Sri Lanka’s biggest money earner, tourism!

    These are the three main factors that contributed to the country’s economic collapse!

    Moreover, the western money lenders have been trying to squeeze the government to enact the 13th amendment which would give more powers to the minorities to control more than a third of the country, if they were to agree to provide a bailout, which the government had not been in favor of!

    In hindsight, it would have been fruitful if the government had at an earlier stage, before the economy was heading towards a downturn, dissolved the government and called for a snap election or invited the opposition to join the government!

    Unfortunately, the political parties in the country are not interested in the country or it’s people, but to come into power at any cost – even by instigating riots and creating anarchy!

  9. 69 ලක්ශයේ කාලකන්නි . තෝපිට දැන්සැපද. රාජපක්ශලා තෝපිලව දේකට නවලා නියමට අරිනවා.

  10. The rajapaksas have always been corrupted and the whole of Sri Lanka knows that but because they are so driven by racism they choose to have a blind eye and vote these idiots into power and now they suffering, honestly I feel sorry only for the Tamils that are still stuck in Sri Lanka and suffering the entire life in that country that has no equality and now has no economy. Good job citizens of Lanka atleast now open your eyes and make better choices for the sake of the country

  11. There are also demonstrations to support the president! Why don't you show some of them. Other news media do it.


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