Statins Cause Heart Disease

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  1. All Praises I watched u on the advise show and then I watched that awesome video breast cancer truth about it absolutely Awesome!!!

  2. May the Most High continue to use you to keep strengthening and bringing great awareness for health and wellness the true organic way

  3. Greetings brother Watchman Reporter,Im skeptical of all meds that are processed and prefix, this Content Is life truth,It Is abundantly beneficial for us to make use of our god giving green earth..Best and Only way to prolonged life for the flesh!!.Shalom✊🏿

  4. Thank you for this informative video. My Dr. Keeps prescribing me statins and I just can't force myself to take them. My sister said they have caused her permanent damage. We have a genetic history of high cholesterol in our family and she refuses to take statins even after just having heart bypass surgery. I am obese and when I had followed a no meat diet in the past and lost 40 lbs my numbers were normal. So now I am going to try the food plan again. It's really strange that I have been thinking hard about this and your video just appeared.

  5. I changed my diet when they attempted to give me cholesterol meds.. Doctor was mad when he saw i wasnt taking the…that was 15 years ago….

  6. Thank you for the video. I am maybe 30 days shy of taking statin due to a family history of high cholesterol. Total was 500 and with eliminating most foods with cholesterol(still eating meat) and taking the supplement red yeast rice,it reduce to 350 total. With the persuasion of my dr,I decided to take 20 mg to lower it quicker but my spirit is telling me to stop. Thank you for this video.

  7. More than one doctor since 2002 kept trying to put me on heart and cholesterol drugs I refuse telling them that if it's not going to cure me of what I have im not going to take it and they'd look at me very strange and say but it may help you live longer I tell them well I'll let Yah handle that an they would just shake their head and move on to something else and I'd just smile.

  8. They not doing nothing to you, all those pills are to save you from yourself and stand your life a little big longer and bring you comfort, the problem is you , because you don't want to fast or eat clean, gave you notice people never blame themselves, they giving you those pills because what you doing to yourself

  9. My African American female doctor prescribed me Pravastatin but I half way take it because I really don’t trust the drug. I am so glad that I came across this video. This Medical Industry in this Country is killing people with their poisonous drugs. I tell you what, I just filled my prescription but I will not be swallowing another Statin drug I would much rather lower my cholesterol naturally. I was diagnosed with Diabetes last January and I nearly died but I think I have already mentioned that to you previously. I am so happy to be alive because I came so close to leaving this world. I appreciate what you do my brother because I know you do what you do out of love for your people.

  10. The beeping fire alarm is begging to be changed. It's like a child crying and you are a father ignoring it.


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