Stay away from the strange woman's corner

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Comment (29)

  1. Romans 3:29-30 King James Version (KJV)

    29 Is he the God of the Jews only? is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also:

    30 Seeing it is one God, which shall justify the circumcision by faith, and uncircumcision through faith.

  2. Why did they even come out? The dispatcher should have known that this wasn't an emergency. If she tries tht shit in Oregon, she will get sued!

  3. And see our people just do not learn from these examples of what's going on between so called whites and brown one day majority will wake up. I don't deal with

  4. The cop responding to the restaurant owner was a deliberate prick who was ESCALATING the situation. He tried to use the excuse that they were called as an excuse to prolong harassment of a black man in the line of duty. Showing up was not the problem, unnecessary prolonged harassment was. The Most ignorant cop was allowed to speak for all. None of the other fools tried to get him to leave the scene because they too were silent co-conspirators. And, they wonder why they are hated. May The Most High – God of Israel avenge true Israel even before the cock crows.

  5. The story would have a different ending if not FATHER YAH had the Sister to be there at this appointed time. I’m sorry the brother or any of our bothers have to encounter these things and don’t know how to handle, or what is going on without examining these last perilous days spiritually. HALLELU’YAH to THE MOST HIGH!!🛐🙏🏾 Lets Live Holy and Smart Family, Sabbath Shalom!

  6. What part of just being friendly and saying hello has now vanished? I don't live in the greatest part of town. Brand new convenience store just opened, 2 blocks away. We 4 blocks from the police station! Been open for a month, and got robbed at gunpoint, the brother took the cash register drawer. Then came down my street.

  7. We ran out of toilet paper the other night, that store is close, it's 10pm. I pull up, and got a brother standing outside, we shared a smoke. He rides a bicycle, and why was he there? He said he can't do much, but he hangs out before closing to protect the store. And he chases off the punks.

  8. This was our community store. Got lit on fire in December. Finally got rebuilt, and I know the owners. But every night good ole Johnny is watching the door. At least now the new store has a pizza franchise inside. So now Johnny and I can share a hot pizza.

  9. The foolishness Will never stop. Stay clear brothers. Don't even speak to them. It's not worth it. Crazy but not surprised.

  10. When are you going to get tired Esau Edom and Kittem you strive against the Lord continuously you persecute Abraham seed

  11. few years ago had the cops called on me for going door-to-door shoving snow… and when i asked the cop what reported crime he was responding to, he just stood there dumbfounded, dazed and confused with nothing creditable to say

  12. These f-cks think we have to explain, I wouldn't have told her anything I don't owe her ass any explanation. Sick of these pink dogs. Stupid ass cavewoman.

  13. There is nothing new under the sun people. Who told you that you was free here in America? America has not CHANGED! TMH WILL DO THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD!☮️

  14. Why most black women won't admit that black men are attracted to white women (not all, but most) and they do stare and some time with lust, I have witnessed many times as a black woman. I wouldn't put it past him if he was checking her out. The black men always run back to the black women crying and lying. Knowing he was lusting after that white women.

  15. I understand the police officers. They responding to a call. Blame the caller and not the officers. This sucks.

  16. As an Indian who knows scripture. The only reason this is happening is because one has to understand Esau and Jacob – that is all I am going to say.


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