Stop Eating Apple Pie

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Comment (23)

  1. Everything in moderation, raw vegan diets are expensive, ive done it. People who are able to grow their own food are at a privilege. Sometimes what people can afford and what they are able to get their hands on is good enough. We do not all have the resources to live this way or buy your products, its unrealistic dor many. I also understand that you also make a living from this. All in moderation people are struggling with the guilt of not being able to feed their families, so sometimes white rice and tuna is the perfect meal. Yah bless all those doing the most to feed their families.

  2. I donโ€™t like apple pie, let alone pie. I donโ€™t like sweet potato pie either (๐Ÿ˜ฑ to every BP reading this comment) Iโ€™ve never been a fan of pie. so Iโ€™m good in that department

  3. Mista Hope,without a doubt,spiritual vessel! Yeah there are foods and substances we are not to consume but this is why we have to be able to converse with each other ! The spirit wrestles with the flesh ! This flesh is just that,flesh ! Spiritual cleansing of the vessel my brother! Have no fear if the spirit of the MOST HIGH YAH dwells within you, you won't be running,you will be guided or led by the HOLY SPIRIT! If I am missing something please enlighten me! We are here to uplift and enhance each other !

  4. Continue to be love, kind, giving, growing, caring, fair, honest, considerate, we all are born with, Its inside of us. The ability to breath in the womb, that's power. Continue to nurture that power as not to neglect it. Keep thangs pushin.

    Thank you in sharing

  5. There are much more important things going on in the world and you talking about stop eating apple pie if you don't like pie then you stop eating it leave the rest of us alone who ordained you a prophet?

  6. I know for sure these huge potatoes are genetically modified because every time I split those potatoes in the middle, it looks like it's forming a core like an apple. Now I try to be more careful what kinds of foods I pick out. I'm gonna start growing my own food from an organic source.

  7. I use Udo oil (contains omegas 3, 6, and 9) because it is a plant-based source of omega oils. Amazon and Whole Foods sells it. Please give it a try if you desire a animal-free alternative.

    Yah bless ๐Ÿ˜‡

  8. Stop eating pies,cereal,cupcakes,all snakes cakes, donuts, pizza, cookies, tortillas/ Taco Bell,Doritos,Crackers, ( its all is against Yah will they all are (Unleavened Breads) that don't have any yeast in it …) Alot of different candy have pork elements in them… Alot of meat that they severe at these fast foods restaurants that they say are beef is human meat… My next step is to check the hair and body products that we use to see if they added any pork in it… they have weaponized Food and other different products that affect our body's….

  9. Pay attention to the fruits you buy some of the fruits are seed less we all know they been selling seedless grapes but some months back i walked in a Walmart and seen some seedless oranges…

  10. I just wish your recipe's weren't so DIFFICULT. I never have all those ingredients in the house, or can even find half of them

  11. i make my own homemade apple pie, but i wont stop baking apple pie! yeah what about the chemtrails they've been spraying for the last 25 years, all food, water, and air is tainted, this is where prayers of miracles over your food, air and water come in. Peace!!!

  12. Everything is bad for you the water . meat. veggies . fruits . grains why don't we just live on air opps air is bad for us to .


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