STOP Eating COLD Cereal! Even ORGANIC COLD Cereal Is TOXIC!

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  1. Now you done ran out!!! Not my cornflakes. I been eating this for years and im not fat. And as for as im concern all is something wrong with all of the food.

  2. Thank you so much! I just recently switched from cereal to fruits for breakfast. Welp, I'll be throwing the cereal away that I have at work as soon as I get in today! Please don't stop doing what you're doing👍

  3. This man is telling the truth. I noticed that cold cereal made me feel sick everytime I ate it. I stopped eating it. Stop eating anything that makes you awful.

  4. Oh my, burnt sugar, is it any wonder the cancer rates? There goes the creme brulee. Thank-you. You got it we struggle with food addiction.

  5. I just thought of this, we've been burning our hair with color & chemicals…. our food as well. "Strong delusion."

  6. Apparently, we just need to start growing our own food period. We need to raise our own cattle. All the food we eat now is garbage. Everything is mechanically process, GMOed, artificially inseminated. Our bodies are walking garbage cans thanks to genetics and other technological advances.

  7. What about organic cereal with no flakes like granola or the seed and flax cereals? That's basically a granola bar in milk. How is that unhealthy?

  8. Yesterday I went to the supermarket looking forward to buying cornflakes and if it was on sale this week, I'll buy a couple boxes. I brought 2 get one free. Went home started eating it through the day, because it's been forever since I had any type of cereal and I loved it. Anyway, my stomach begin feeling sick the entire day and night. In fact, I hit the bathroom, and it didn't look normal.

    I did a google or bing search regarding if Corn Flakes are good to eat. I found an article saying if you keep eating this cereal, it will increase your chances of insulin and type 2 diabetes. I made a decide to NEVER again buy any cereal. No more cold or heated cereal from my childhood.

    Today, I was looking for a video in Watchman's video channel, then this video got my attention, mainly because of the title. I know Yah guided me here to this lesson in food. I will go back to buying fruits like I use to and this time, do some research regarding how the fruits are handled, etc. Just to be safe.

    Fruits on would, BYE CEREAL. BYE apple jacks. I did love you, but you're not even made out of real Apples. BYE. — Going to buy REAL APPLES and eat them all day. How you like'em apples?" — Be jealous.


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