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  1. Looking at this comment section tells me that these words cut some people like a sword. I just quit two days ago after learning it’s sorcery. Weed was used by many witches and oracle to get closer to the spirits. It’s the dividing of roots from trees aka sorcery. You never have to believe what others say on matters like these but Yah holds all accountable—it’s up to you wether you want to take heed to advice or not

  2. I just stopped after giving my life to God. I figured if I don’t want my children to smoke when they get of age I’m sure God doesn’t want any of his children to.

  3. That's what I need help on I need to start reading my Bible again I used to watch this channel all the time it helped me with my walk with God but I just started backsliding I became carnal minded but I'm back now and I'm willing to do with the most high ass me to do

  4. He did say eat your mushrooms. Lol I couldn’t help but laugh at certain parts of the video I’m not sure if it was what he was saying or how he was saying it but some of it came of sarcastic and some was downrite wrong but then some was on point and I agree with. Seek and you shall find. All praise to the Most High Heavenly Father. I Smoke weed every………Wait we all need to repent everyday.

  5. I never understood why our people smoke marijuana so much. As for medicinal purposes, I would drink marijuana as tea however I wouldn't put smoke in my lungs.

  6. I feel weed SUPPRESSES anxiety more then actually helps anxiety anxiety is more of a mental than physical thing it's all In the mind and you must control your mind weed just SUPPRESSES it because once you sober up you need the weed again

  7. Where in the world people start smoking weed ,how that idea 💡 comes from,can you tell me if it’s mentioned in the Bible,if so can you give me chatter an veers it’s important to me knowing is good 😌,Shabbat shalom saints ..

  8. Hey don’t forget today is the sabbath,it’s an oner to the most high an do exactly what’s he says,his law is not done away with,it still stand saints Shabbat shalom in ,Yah name..🌱

  9. TRUTH IS TRUTH. It's not something good, it is among the unholy things. I used to defend it but I have come to realize the people against it were always right. YAHUAH, THE FATHER has been giving me strength because I asked for it and I haven't touched it for a little while, I pray I don't fall and touch it EVER again. I used to love it but now I hate it. GOD is GREAT! And through the name of Our Holy Lord Yahusha Christ all things are possible…I am witnessing my delivererance before my eyes.

  10. All of y’all that be shunning the herbs(not drugs) that God created that was good are some of the most drugged out people on earth. You NEVER bring that SAME ENERGY towards OTC’s, prescriptions, vaccines, blood draws/injections, etc(..u know the REAL DRUGS). But He is right about that point about herb not being for everybody because they aren’t in tune with The Most High yeah them types shouldn’t indulge in those blessings.


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