Strange Space Blob causing cell phones, computers and other Tech to go Haywire

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  1. Shalom My Brother. Scriptures Prove That We Are In An Immovable Planet. The Earth Is Not A Globe Like NASA Says. We Are In A Dome. The Most High Says He Separated The Waters From The Waters.

  2. I really can’t believe that you all still believe in space. I thought you guys had discernment. This is crazy, people still think we live on a flying baseball. Very sad indeed. A lot of people are going to lose faith when the a-lie-ns show up. The truth will set you free. Didn’t the messiah tell his people to make sure that no man deceives them. You literally believe in a bunch of man made fairy tails. You are also literally lying to the people. What does the most high say about liars. There is enough truth out there now to leave everyone without an excuse. I know that the truth about this earth as come
    Across your ears and eyes and you have denied it and would rather teach people the works of the haSatan instead of the most high. You have been told that the earth is flat and we are covered by a crystalline dome and the stars are just lights set in the firmament as the scripture explains. You just don’t want to believe it because the Creator of the flat earth is less powerful than the god of the masonic cosmos in your mind. When I really press the issue with so called believers, it always comes down to if the earth is flat with a dome and there is no space, then that creator is not powerful enough for them. People really believe that that the God of the flat earth is less powerful than the god of the Masonic sphere. People literally tell me that the earth can’t be flat because they could create something like it themselves and the god they believe in is much more powerful than that. I walk outside and look around and then shake my head at them waiting to see if they can create something this magnificent. It always boils down to their god is more powerful than a God that made a flat earth with a dome. We live in a snow globe people, get over it and love what the most high has created for us. It is mind boggling no matter how you look at it. Make sure that no man deceive you. Shalom.

  3. The planet Nibiru is also called Gabreal , or God's hammer. It is part of a binary system that comes close to our system every 2500 years. Our binary star system is many billions of years older than our system. It's star is a brown dwarf. That has around longer the we a number for and will be around long after our sun has burnt out. The ancient of days.

  4. Half the comment section is saying there is no space. This is so retarded… I just cant. Obadiah 4 King James Version (KJV)

    4 Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.

    King James Version (KJV)

  5. We live in a glass dome,book of Enoch read it books 1-3 earth flat sitting on pedestals,u still believing in the crap NASA feeding us u will forever be lost,space is in ur atmosphere so is the moon,sun and chief stars,the so call planets

  6. Brother I love you and follow your teachings however there is no such thing as gravity, space is a metaphysical construct and is not real. NASA is the biggest lying national agency and nothing coming from that organisation is true. The bible says a lot about the earth that is contrary to NASA’s teaching. NASA says stars are sun, some of them bigger that our earth and sun, so by logic it is not possible for the stars nasa talk about to be true. My own path to the truth started with the lies in science and I used to think the lies in science was the biggest lie till I found the truth of the bible

  7. Nothing can come in and our of the firmament Yah put above our head. And as far as the sun and moon is concerned they are not what the sciences have said they are.

  8. If that article is true, it is really exciting. Man thinks he is above Yah and creates devices to control other men. I don’t believe they (NASA, or any other space organization) have ever put a hair strain much less a body outside of the earths atmosphere. I’ve never fallen that lie, it’s too far fetch to believe. I do believe that they are watching the sky.

    The takeaway from this article is what has brought these sky watchers into confusion. Yah is doing something great in the atmosphere that is causing these devils to fear and scramble.

    I’m glad that all their plans are becoming null and void. No satellite, no nuclear weapon created can stand against the ALMIGHTY YAH. “No weapon form against us shall prosper.”

    Wake up Israel! Like King David said, “if YAH is for me, I shall not fear,: what can man do unto me?” Psalms 118:6

  9. There are different levels to the Heavens people, it’s written all through out scripture. There’s is more than just the Earth alone. Book of Enoch speaks of these areas and levels of Heavens inhabited by angelic beings of all kinds.

  10. OKAY for all of you who wants to believe the lies NASA tell you about gravity, they landed on the moon, earth is a globe, asteroids, meteorites, the moon is a big rock and the sun is a ball of fire you really need to open your minds and ask some serious questions. Also, we don’t have satellites orbiting earth or anywhere else. Our ancient ancestors left us accurate information about the heavens which corroborates with what God says in his Creation Story. NASA used to say earth orbits the sun. Now they’ve changed that and says its stationary. God said he fastened it in the heavens so it doesn’t move. Now NASA is saying the earth is not a globe but PEAR SHAPED. Why don’t they know the exact shape of the earth since they have satellites orbiting earth and other planets? First the moon is a disc of light. There’s nothing to land on. On a clear night when the moon is full you can see clouds and stars behind the moon. The sun is also a disc of light and not fire with flares flying all over the place. God said they are LIGHTS. God is a God of order. He didn’t create a chaotic heaven with things crashing into each other and sun flares flying all over the place. Everything moves in perfect harmony with each other. NASA changed their position on earth being a globe because they couldn’t explain how we could see the sun and moon out at the same time opposite each other on a globe earth. That’s impossible so they’re making it pear shaped now. Satellites are launched by balloons into low earth orbit. That’s about ten miles up. The Hubble Space Craft is flown around on a 747 Jet. Lol. This is the trillion dollar space program NASA spends our tax dollars on. These satellites have fallen to earth. One fell in Russia and I forget the other country one fell on as well. I’m sure they’ve been more than two. The space station doesn’t exist. The images we see are CGI’s. They hire Artists to draw pictures of earth and what they think other planets would look like. Why does the picture of earth change each year? They use different artists that’s why. Ask NASA to show you a telescope that can see Mars or the closest planet to earth? They have no such thing on earth that can do that. All you’ll see from our most powerful telescopes are stars, the sun and the moon just like what God said he put there. NASA wants us to believe the sun is 93 million miles from earth and we can see it with our naked eyes. They want us to believe the moon is over two hundred million miles from earth and we can see that too. Does that make sense to anyone? Guess it does to most Americans. No other country in the world has claimed they had a man walk on the moon except America. These countries know at some point Americans will awaken from whatever kind of psychological drugs they’ve given us to turn educated rational people into idiots who can’t do deductive reasoning or just use their common sense. Why would a God go through so much trouble creating a planet and populating it with people then move light years away from his creation? NASA is a big liar acting as an agents for satan in this world which he has rulership over for a period of time. I believe NASA is trying to hide God. I believe God is less than three thousand miles from us or earth. I believe the stars, moon and sun are about eight hundred miles above the earth if that far. Ever since I can remember NASA claimed something was close to earth and might hit us. It hasn’t happened yet. They’ll always come back and say it missed us by five thousand miles which is too close for comfort in space. I remember arguing with my girlfriend about the Explorer not going to the moon. My position was they would come up with something that would go wrong and not be able to go. She was positive it would go because a teacher would be on board to teach a science lesson to the children of the WORLD. I told her I would be willing to wager all my earthly wealth that they wouldn’t go to the moon because they couldn’t. There’s no parking space there. Lol. I couldn’t wait to hear the lie they would tell why they didn’t go. I must admit I wasn’t prepared for what happened. When the Shuttle exploded I couldn’t even believe they would go that far killing innocent people and devastating millions of children watching and waiting for the science lesson to be taught. I thought to myself this is even too much for satan. As God would have it a gentleman couldn’t believe it either. He went on a quest for some years to try and get to the truth of it all. Believe it or not this gentleman said he found all but one of the people who allegedly died when the Explorer blew up. One of the females he said was a professor at some college and didn’t bother to change her name. The black astronaut claimed it was his twin brother on the Shuttle and one of the Caucasian astronaut said it was his twin brother on the shuttle. The other astronauts just lied and said it wasn’t them. I wish I could remember the name of the video it’s on YouTube. You could clearly see the people were the same just older. I know this comment is rather long but this is just the tip of the iceberg. This world consist of lies upon lies upon lies. Nothing in it is true. We have been hoodwinked and bamboozled. Sad thing is people don’t want the truth. I just got done watching this video and it might help some of you if you care to watch it. Remember, the government is your enemy. Unfortunately by the time most of you awaken it’s gonna be too late. It’s actually too late now. How many of you are watching this crazy weather we’re having around the world. God is trying to get our attention but we’re listening to our weather men and women. As for you black people waiting for a white man named Jesus to come save you you’ve bumped your heads and are Comatose. You’re gonna have to wake up or you’re gonna perish with your enslavers. The Bible gives us a perfect description of the Messiah who is a Black man with hair like wool. Jesus is a white gay man with straight hair and blue eyes. He was the son of the Pope and Leonardo DaVinci’s lover. You’re worshiping a white homosexual male as your savior. Is he coming to save you from his people who tortured and enslaved you. Lol. The story of this white messiah and black people should be a book in comedy and science fiction. As far as Christianity and Islam they were created by the Roman Catholic Church to deceive the weak minded people who don’t want to hear the truth. Christianity is a drug more deadly than crack cocaine. The sad thing is most of the truth is in the Bible they call their holy book but obviously don’t read or study it else they’ll know better. Minus what Caucasians added and deleted. See if anything helps anyone from this video. Smh.

  11. The is major construction of something going on over our heads If you dont believe me record the sky on a laptop and pay attention you will notice something moving within the clouds and watch how the clouds will move into position covering the sun when the construction is going on. all a hoax I saw four suns come up one morning and 3 of them take off at rate of speed I can't even say. Also I saw multiple times before the last eclipse. Society has no clue what is going on. NOT A CLUE. The things you are talking about is scripted. I live near a NASA test ground. Seen so many things. Every movie you have ever watch is also scripted they are blueprints for what is going on the cartoons too. Its all scripted and we have been lead to believe a script.

  12. All praises to the Most High!! My phone went haywire yesterday after seeing two craft spread what seemed like chemtrails outside my study window making a cloud that looked like a crossword puzzle shape. My phone was not operable for some minutes but eventually came back. I am assuming the Government can cause phone s to scramble but the Most High sees all. We are nearing the Daniel 12:1 prophecy where Michael stands up to DELIVER his people!!!

  13. My phone has been switching to roaming by itself and that while riding in my city with full signal! It has been doing it daily for a week now.

  14. I have a question for the folks that run this channel, or for anyone that knows the answer. I love Jesus ,do my best as a human being , but I'm white and I would like to ask, are white people going to hell, because of my skin color? Should I not come to your channel because I'm white? I'm asking out of not knowing not being a smarty.


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