Study The Plantation: Understand Today #NothingNewUnderTheSun

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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. πŸ€”if I was convinced of my superiority, highly advanced and heavy brain, my utmost beauty and my absolute right to rule and be above others, I would not be wasting my time, researching, experimenting and documenting everything about another race. could their need to continually study, document and abuse an inferior race, be, because they themselves are the truly inferior?

  2. The line of questioning in the begining of this video is kinda like something Ive been thinking about. In the US the number one export is Black ADOS culture. And in that respect I think about how when cotton was the number one export, their was major players, port owners, contracts, laws etc, what or who would be those "major players" today?? Iii think there should be a major academic study behind these premises and im pretty sure we would find that things arent so different as they were before. "Culture is the new cotton"…

  3. People understand that YouTube gives you freedom of speech but does not provide freedom of reach. Meaning they will prevent you from using their networks to expose their works to the people they have deceived.

  4. They use science to justify their views on on blacks and when science is not enough they will justify on religion and if religion doesn't work they will use politics and if that doesn't work they will use something else

  5. Another awesome post. So sad many of our people don’t understand the implications & how we really need to turn this around. The brain drain happens to all countries Africa The Caribbean & India. They take the best minds and use them against their own people, to keep them out of the game. It’s all part of their divide & conquer technique. Africa & the Caribbean need to stop selling the land & lease it to all foreigners. Lease it for 100 years after which time, the land reverts back to the people or you extend in 50 year increments. Make them pay a tax on any & all resources they take from the land to pay for the much needed infrastructure of the islands & countries they have already decimated. It may not be reparations, but it’s a start! Corrupt leaders who refuse, should be removed from power & those who have made deals with these devils to the detriment of their people should have all bank accounts & assets frozen ready for redistribution among those they have deprived.

  6. This is a continuing planned plandemonic, what is the hellistic domination of the black man and woman. However, now concealed with the aid of a certain type of black man and woman, though found in abundance. It all is still shocking accompanied by horror and pain. It is like a possessed demoniclly brought to real life painting. Deceiving the spirit with their fake images of creation and their lies of The Truth about The CREATOR of all spiritual forces. A deceitfully contrived painting that possesses the mind of the African in such a way. That the African will attack any image of African origin even The CREATOR and the ancestors of the African. Casting a spell that can also enslave the western European to possess and subsist under the spirit of possession of the African and the Ancient Africans culture.

  7. I'm from Trinidad and I find that what you are saying is very interesting and informative as I am inclined to such. However I don't agree with the biblical counseling. Please take time to understand that this book that our people use as their guide for morality was also used to subjugate and enslave our ancestors as well as to establish and maintain their docility. We are still under the scourge of the so called hamitic curse and blindly suffer from the stockholm syndrome.

  8. Canaan stole the Garment of Noah Made for Adam by Yah. Ham came in and stole it and hid it. This is why Canaan was curse. That garment fell into the hands of nimrod and then to the hands of Esau


    Real strange that Wikipedia and Berkeley do not mention Chas Carroll. Berkeley is the liberal bastion of the United States, what the US, liberals and Democrats refuse to mention is that Berkeley is named after George Berkeley who was an Irish Satanic of an exude first a Catholic Bishop, a racist, a complete supporter and enthusiast for the slave trade and a kiss ass to the British Crown.

  10. They are trying to say that since whites were the original people that Black people came from elsewhere (the simple & obvious answer is SHE LUSTED after a Black man and got her wish)!


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