Study to be quiet

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  1. Thank your children for ministering. It really soothed my soul and reminded me it's about my heart toward Yah no matter what.

  2. There is a time to remain silent and listen and there is a time to cry aloud. Open rebuke done out of love will be uncomfortable at first but will cleanse our brother or sister from sin. For the most part Abba knows I love my family. The hardest lesson I've had to learn was to STOP calling on pagan names. Shalom.

  3. Nice song, beautiful voices! Just learn to keep tone high and loud, also keep up the rhythm it is very important to keep it in temp, but all in all it was good. Nicely done! My take is is keep quiet and listen well to what they say than use their words against them. And listen carefully to the words used, I have study laws and law is all about the words you use, now the Creator has given me the real law and so I apply it in my daily life to everybody and nobody can overcome me I have become judge, jury and executioner. Whatever you may think you are or whatever authority has been given to you by any other man or men I can overthrow any claim you have. I understand what the true LAW is, this messiah you call Jesus did not do any of that he could not even defend himself well, he was not the messiah or the Creator in flesh by far as if were, one word they would have been all hanged for them daring to accuse the Creator. But yeah I know much that many are blinded to, the Creator has shown me much of history and why the world is such a mess. You shall not be quiet when you see Evil, you shall reveal it, root it out, hunt it down, remove it, judge and punish it if you do not do so in fear of retribution you are letting evil have his way even if you are the victim you are the cause of evil having his way. This Jesus turning the other cheeck shows clearly his colors. Evil may never rule, that evil has been able to rule for so long is that good, righteous and just men and women thought turning the other cheeck until death is the way to stop evil, REALLY! Now you have allowed evil to prosper and rule you all, you even live daily as criminals with these two highly disturbing criminal systems as the corrupt bondage slavery money system and the murderous wardrunk property system, you have all participated in this criminality and do not denounce it. I consider you all the same, criminals! Nothing more nothing less! And you hope that by the blood of Jesus Christ or Yeshua (Very daring to call upon a name of somebody you don't for sure if that his name, I would like to be called names, that is very very insulting) your sins are washed away. LMAO. Dream on! Only action proves a man worth!

  4. I had to come to this video because I say things about our enemies and what they've done and still do to us and they are not nice. I just prayed to Yah this morning to show me how I should feel about Esau and all of Israel's enemy. He's going to bless me with the answer. Shalawam family.

  5. Love your channel…i wish my wife would get on the same spiritual path as me…i love my wife and children but i love the messiah as well…please yah;guide her heart towards you….

  6. It's clear that there is confusion in the very scriptures that all of us read. The FATHER said, in the last days he will bring back the pure language. I believe that language is the original language of the original scriptures that are yet to be found/unsealed. That language is the ancient Paleo Hebrew Language that's being found all over the world. Hint; before the flood everyone spoke the same language. so in reality nobody is truly understanding the scriptures in their purist form. Until we learn the ancient language of the Children of Israel we ALL will be prone to misinterpretation. That's why i'm pushing this notion all throughout the social media sites that we need our true Nation/Global identity. That identity is Hebrew Israelite, and our Language is the ancient Paleo Hebrew that they are finding all over the world.#justthoughts If i said anything offensive to any, I apologize in advance. Praise YHWH the GOD who led the children of Israel out of Egypt.

  7. What does Yah say about the street watchmen who go around prophesying? Is it what should be happening? And they doing righteously?

  8. Thank-you. Very encouraging. I have been praying to Father Yah. When to speak and when to be quiet. Brother Watchman, sister Deborah. You brought it home. Shalom family. Exodus-14:14.

  9. I need to say this again. Brother Yahu sista deboryah I am not against what you are doing nor am I causing disruption to what you are trying to achieve. Hopefully if this court date turns out right which I have faith it will then I am definitely putting my actions mouth and money to help you all get those acres you need and seeds to grow your green industry. It'll be a little help. I've had this on my heart for some years so even if im recorded I still don't let my left hand know what my right hand is doing. Brother and sista I was aware of there doings and more importantly informed before hand. So y'all continue to do what you have done and STAY ON THE PATH and out of my way 👌. They specifically have hell to pay they where informed before hand not to touch back in 06. Not to mention past infractions that must be dealt with. Y'all both don't need to involve yourselves in something that is getting you off focused, I only complain and talk directly to you cause I dont want you to think something of me without actually getting to know who I am as a person in person then a person on the net and with that being said let them drag my name and image in the dirt let them spit on me ridicule me I already knew that it would happen to me during MY awakening I was warned before knowing who you where and even before talking to your husband on Facebook on Barack Obama page to talking to him on the phone when we had are disagreement years back, I can't allow that again. No division nor war do I bring to your table if I did that then that would be like me bringing war to the house and the table within the home of Yah and I will not nor will I cause a divide. Clue define William my birth name so you get a clue through my slave name no jokes. Serious. I have a question who was Yahonan referring to when he mentioned the 🔑 of David and the recipient of that 🔑 in revelations

  10. Good Lesson. We are not the progenitors we are children that must obey the one that holds wise Power. The one that knows all and therefore can make pronouncements that are not flawed and self aggrandizing. Often we are rash and speak too quickly to stop the words and the result of those words which can never be taken back. Thank you for this powerful lesson. So glad you brought up the Sandra Bland issue. I've put that out there many times that if we would approach these situations with grace and politeness many of these people might still be alive. IN many of these cases they didn't understand how to approach authority. I act like it's still Roman times and how people had to act when approached by either Pharaoh's army or Rome's. Back then you had to bow first then what to be allowed to speak otherwise it was the lions or crucifixion. Dignity is a powerful weapon and can make a barracuda take pause. How about we exercise dignity where it's unexpected.

  11. What a beautiful Harmony!!!! Yah is smiling listening to this!!!! Halleluyah love every minute of it. PRAISE HE THE MOST HIGH YAH, THE ANCIENT OF DAYS!

  12. Shalom I just want to ask a question are we supposed to celebrate our birthday or no I see some job but I don't have understanding

  13. I laugh at the N word lol not arguing with ppl who can’t stand in yah sun without being burnt tell them that they damn near cry lol

  14. Awesome This is the knowledge we lack which causes us to parish!! May we all get a deeper and deeper understanding of this truth.

  15. This is a short version of a long story. I have a younger sister who seems to always like to get angry over nothing so I would stay out of sight from her for years she's a physical fighter when she agues. We were both carried sons at the same time. A few years ago she came to my house with my older sister and started an argument the next day over a chiming clock and like a stupid idiot like a fool so stupid I fell right into SATAN'S trap and augured back with her I should have been quiet. (OH I WISH I WOULD HAVE BEEN QUIET LIKE YOU SAY) She yelled at my 7 year daughter at that time " God is going to kill your kids" and she was trembling in my daughter face and I was so shocked that she said that (it was Satan) I told her she had to leave. A year later on the same day her son who just completed 6 years of college never been in any trouble whom I love so dearly died. A year later on the same day he died with no clear explanation on death cert . The wife said he set up in the bed as something was pulling him and he fell back in laying position ambulance came with the heart charger but it was dead they got the backup charger and it to was dead. His mother, my sister had no insurance never received any monies she's not like that but the grandma was given the funds for the wife and their four year old son. I prayed over my children everyday since that day but I didn't pray for my nephew whom I took everywhere when I would go on outings. He was only 24yrs. I wish i would have just SHUTTED UP like the WORDS OF YAH/Yahshua SAYS (AGREE WITH YOUR ADVERSARY QUITLY…..).

  16. That mother of the child who said he was strange looking probably should be getting paid for the damage that was done to her child appearing due to a forceps delivery. The child's face and head may mature out of the distortion on one the side of his face, but perhaps not without interventions. The child was not ugly to me, but a handsome child.

  17. I had to come back to this lesson. I saw this in Christianity, people growing up in the church and automatically thinking they are better. I grew up in a church and went to another church and experienced this. I was blessed to not have this mentality. When I was 16 years old, young. more teachable and naive, I could not understand why the slavery of our people was not addressed by the church leader. When I entered the new church I asked the Elder if God & then Jesus Christ were the same? I understood Elohim was Father & Son but to me God & Jesus Christ did not match. I am going into this because no one knows how long the Father has been working with us even while we were in the pagan religions of this world. I was just cyber bullied by someone who called me the 2/3's and I simply blocked that person with no response. We all have to be humble. Our High Priest intercedes and has been patient with us. If I come on strong it is because I am jealous for my Abba and the offering my High Priest has made for us. I don't want to be found guilty doing harm to the sheep, leaders & flock alike. Peace.


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