Summer of diplomacy: United Kingdom to support 'Make In India' initiative | World News | WION

The British prime minister Boris Johnson has concluded his highly anticipated trip to India, the leaders discussed defense, energy and trade ties and announced to seal the free trade deal in October.

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Comment (22)

  1. Highly anticipated visit? Maybe PM Modi obliged Boris, much anticipated begging. This is only about money flowing out of India at some pretext or the other. Take him to Jalianwala Bagh, not some ashram in Gujrat.

  2. Make in UK? Boris and his trade sec….. busy promoting make in other countries …..import work force from other countries while at home millions jobless…..high street dying out….out sourcing just like clinton globalist policies.

  3. Stand against climate change and future set of mankind global warming and has all reduce the disagree of 1'5. Below in the earth

  4. Why doesn't Modi demand Boris to hand over Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi and money stolen from the Indian people?

  5. England didnt still enought for India to accept to trade anything from them? How to beleived lyer? Give back what to stole before to ask for more… India is now enought developed to Need inglis cooperation…

  6. Crypto currency and NFTs will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. $28,000 just in two weeks Mrs Christine Norine Martin you are so amazing

  7. idk why India allowed this BOJO to visit. Most scientists working in West are of Indian origin. You know that. The BOJO was here because he was being lynched in Parliament in UK. Never trust a WHITE MAN.

  8. This is an opportunity for India, let them come and later you become like China, the west believe only on one thing when negotiating with ancient colony, Military might

  9. Here UK is in need of India…
    Bcz UK is not that big market for india…
    With Australia india did FTA and with EU also it's done or similar things are about to get done…

    And UK India have around 30 billion USD whereas with Australia india is about to cross 100 billion USD…
    And also Indian gives employment to 95000+ people in UK
    However, UK is diplomatically definitely important parter for india…
    So bro here in geopolitics no one is "friend" everyone looks for national interest only…both India and UK…
    Infact due to current political drama with Boris Johnson, for him it was more important to get the deal done…

  10. Don't forget China was able to get major Western investment to the point where many Western companies moved their wholesale industries there without having to bend to Western will. This will be the test for India. Independent foreign policy yet the same amount of care and investment as in was with China.

  11. British people do not want this deal. It is a Nightmare. It can not happen. It must be opposed. It means thousands of Indians will be given visas to live and work in UK and you will arrive with your countless relatives and countless off spring. We are fed up with mass immigration to UK. I think the whole of the European continent is fed up with mass immigration from Asia, Africa and Middle East. Just stay put in your own countries, please. Stop burdening UK and other European countries. UK has enough Indians already. Boris Johnson must resign. He has sold UK out, AGAIN.


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