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Comment (36)

  1. Thank -you for all that you have done so far. I have grown so much because of you two ministering the word. I pray that Yah will continue to be with You and Yah be with us all.

  2. Yes the fast was fabulous LONG LIVE IN GOOD HEALTH YISRAEL ❤️✨🕊 Todah Rabbah to the channel and all the praise to EL SHADDAI ELOHYM & YAHUSHA IN YESHUA [SALVATION] 🙌🏻💕 SHALOM 🌺👑

  3. I love you guys, everywhere else was anger and hatred, HE is love. I have learned so much from you all. I have to say this: Yah don't play with that forgiveness, watchman's hands and beard, remind me of my childhood tormentor, my dad, had I not forgiven him,I would not be able to listen let alone watch. I'm so glad HE loves me . Shalom

  4. Shalom from Philippines, I believe and try doing my best to rest Sabbath day.
    I struggled my situation . please email me I need help to guide my son in Spiritual life not worldly life. Any one sponsor so my son can't tempted . Growing up. I'm willing my son like you can help me to guide. My son is American citizen and has ss card. I'm solo mom coz his dad didn't support until now. His dad from Nebraska.
    Please need help. Please email me cp +639753347972.
    Thank you. Sabbath Shalom

  5. Y’all are a really cute couple.. I hope when I get older I find an awesome God fearing wife too!

  6. You are so very beautiful, a comforting example and visual audio instruction of a harmonious marriage and how your obedience to THE MOST HIGH is radiating to others and a help and blessing to us all. I am doing to make my unmarried daughter and my granddaughters to watch your marriage series. … Thank you for sending those seeds. They are most appreciated.

  7. Now that we are in the calm "eye of the hurricane" phase, I'm using this time to make some kind of haven for my children and grandchildren in case I am no longer here.

  8. I am a second degree blood relative of a Hebrew Israelite man. We love him, but I understand he speaks to his wife very harshly.

  9. You should get a bitcoin/cryptocurrency address going on your site so people can donate easier. Watchman & Deborah what do y’all know about crypto? All blessings TMH & his people. I’m praying for us all during this trying time.

  10. We appreciate your ministry and all that you do may the Most High continue to bless your family🌹🌹🌹🌹

  11. I have been listening to you both faithfully every Shabbat since 2015 and I love you both and your family. I have children that are the same age as Sister Deborah & Brother Watchman, but The Most High has put you in my life to awaken me to the Truth, you're like an "Elder", and I've been so enlightened since studying with the two of you. You are so Loved by so many!! All praises TTMH and may he continue to bless & guide you and your family! Shalom

  12. I'm so glad ever since I have been praying and seeking yah he has gave me a clear as day mind he guides me that's how I ended up making a garden.

  13. 😭 we don't have land nor live at a property that will allow me to plant. 🙏🏾 The YAH will open doors for me and my 3 grands, land, or house with enough land to plant, a place of safety.
    💕🌹🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾s 2&4y'all. Shalom🕊

  14. Why is some other Moreh asking, demanding before and after his teaching, that people should donate to the Kingdom, if not they won't be able, because it is the donation that is helping them bring the word out.

  15. I want to thank both of you for opening up my eyes I know in my ❤the Most High sent you. May you stay blessed

  16. Thank you soo much family, I've been praying to Father Yah about being baptized I don't know any pastor's who could do it for me, My prayer has been answered through this video. Father Yah has given me my answer through you both, you truly are a blessing sent from our Father Yah. I can't thank Yah enough for sending you my way, I feel soo blessed through your teachings, may Father Yah continue to use you has his tool to help us all, may Yah bless you ten fold. As you say in your meditation video brother Yahu " Yah is working all things for my good"
    I just finished watching this before bed and all praise be to Father Yah because now I'm going to sleep in absolute peace knowing i can have the ruark and put my old man to death and be born again. Everyday i learn something new from your teachings and this has truly been the best lesson of the day for me, this lesson has truly shown me Father Yah is hearing my crys, Thank you again love you my beautiful family but most of all i absolutely love our Father Yah for bestowing this knowledge on me. All praise be to Our Glorious Father Yah, Halleluyah Halleluyah.


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