Susanna: A Righteous Woman

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  1. The reason why its said their minds aren't developed is because physically their minds aren't fully developed until 21. The frontal lobe is still soft and it's the part of the brain that effects judgement. Which is why older people remember doing stupid stuff. It's a real thing. Which is also why the men who were circumcised to go into the land were 20.

  2. Alot of Hebrew Israelite men say they want a Virtuous woman when in reality is, they can't handle a Virtuous woman. What they want is a silly woman, a brainless daffodil, they can trample all over and bend to their every wicked and twisted whim. Many men don't truly desire a help meet. What they want is a sex slave and bondwoman…

  3. Stay far away from camp leaders who teach that blasphemous doctrine against Mary, the earthly mother of Messiah, saying that she had sexual relation with Joseph before marriage. This teaching implies that we are dealing here with a foolish woman. Such camp leaders will never allow you to reach a high spiritual standard according to power and wisdom. All the women chosen by TMH were clothed with strength and honor. The proverb 31 woman represents the ideal nation of TMH and this is why Ha Massiach said, I came to give back the woman her power.

  4. Shalom Sister Deborah and Brother Watchman. I've been a follower of you guys for quite awhile and I have been blessed numerous times with information and revelation. However, I noticed recently you guys now have options for "member only" videos. I'd like to say that if the information on those videos is given to you of Yah to be shared with his people yet can only be attained by paying I would believe that to be unjust. Again, there's nothing wrong with creating and selling a product. But our people are oppressed at the moment and I'm not sure how having them pay for information helps that. If you live off that money that's one thing but for any other reason I can't get with it. Peace.

  5. Confirmation to my everyday walk in life WITH THE MOST HIGH GOD thank you Pastor and 1st Lady and your Children thank you , MAY THE HOLY GHOST FIRE CONTINUE TO FOLLOW ALL OF YOU AND COVER ALL OF YOU FOREVER AND EVER MORE AMEN ❤🚪🕊🌞

  6. A righteous woman would not lie about white people. The bible should never be added to or taken away from. All she's ever done is clever editing.

    Keep your dumbass opinions out of your dumbass videos!

  7. I feel like if we want to have a good life we need to keep pushing forward in yah and never forget that there are lines that are not meant to be crossed wrong is wrong but right is right regardless of what people try to do or say. love you family shabbat shalom and HalleluYah

  8. The wickedness we sowed we have definitely reaped. We must continuely examine our hearts make we are walking in rightousness.

  9. HALLELUYAH new song to learn Living In Shalom!!! HALLELUYAH absolutely beautiful!!!! Very nice harmony you all get better and better every Sabbath. HALLELUYAH 🥰

  10. I love your podcasts but I often have a hard time hearing you guys. I have turned on closed caption but it’s not as convenient cause then I have to look at the screen. Much 💕


    You shall not take את eth-the name of YAHUAH ELOHAYKA in vain; for YAHUAH will not hold him guiltless את eth that takes את eth-his name in vain.

  12. The same thing happened with the man who killed Malcolm X. Everyone in NJ new who he was, but they took up for him. Up til this day.

  13. Scripture verse 1-3? What was the name of the Book she is reading from, I can't hear? Book of Susanna, Apocrypha. churches removed them. Susanna and the Elders a part of the book of Daniel considered the 13th chapter. Septuigint 2nd century B.C. If I spelled the Greek Bible wrong, sorry.

  14. Susanna ( the daughter of Hilkiah) Joakim was her husband and they lived in Babylon. The foolish woman plucketh it down with here hands. There are also others who plucketh down your house also. Get away from foolish people. Trust in God. Cry out to Yah. TMH is for you, and not against you. Because people tend to acknowledge those that look like they got it together and status, but it can be proven that they can be liars too.

  15. If a ruler hearkens to lies then (Proverbs 29:12) all his servants are wicked. True. That is why you should vote them out. Oh I forgot, they steal you right to vote so that they can continue with their wickedness. A lot of people promote unrighteousness, supporting it, and they give credence to it. Be encouraged to stand for righteousness.

  16. " They are sottish" This is a great lesson. That is great that God has to step in because they do not know how to judge simple things. Former Mayor Kwame use to have a barber built in his office, embezzle money (tax payers dollars) for his personal usage and went to prison. Then he didn't want to pay back the fines, and ended up going to prison for lying about his income. He was defrauding the citizens. Hypocrite. Proverbs 6:32. He lacks understanding and destroyeth his own soul. (the guys got stoned for it) Good! Now burn and rot in hell.  Math 5:28

    Many people are in transgression with the copying of their image

  18. Thankful for running across your channel. You and your wife brought me joy with the word. Can you list the name of the Apocrypha that you use.


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