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Our animated historical documentary series on the Ottoman history continues with the famous siege of Szigetvar of 1566, during which the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I fought against the Hungarian-Croatian army under Nikola Zrinski. This was another page in the Ottoman-Habsburg conflict and the final campaign of the Sultan Suleiman.

Previously in our animated historical documentary series on the Ottoman Wars, we have covered the battles of Kosovo ( Nicopolis ( Ankara ( Varna ( Second Kosovo, Constantinople ( Belgrade, Targoviste and Otlukbeli ( Vaslui, Valea Alba ( Skanderbeg’s rebellion ( Breadfield, Krbava, Otranto and Chaldiran ( Ottoman-Mamluk War of 1516-1517 ( siege of Rhodes in 1522 ( the battle of Mohacs of 1526 ( the siege of Vienna of 1529 ( the battle of Preveza ( and the battles of Gorjani, siege of Castelnuovo ( sieges of Buda and Eger ( and the Siege of Malta (

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The script for this video was written by Ethan Symons-Ferraro.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

Machinimas were made on the Total War: Attila engine by Malay Archer (

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Comment (31)

  1. Its funny how in LOTR movies the rohirrim cavalry charge at Minas Tirith is based on cavalry charge of Vienna, while the last charge of rohirrim through Helms Deep gates is probably based on Zrinskis last charge as seen here. Except, you know, no magical wizard with plot armor cavalry reinforcements to save the day.

  2. Just too much on the courage of christians about how brave they are, they well fought, and as usuall ottomans generally by chance or by stupidy or batrayal of some wins the day. By the wayö Ottamans of course had to be superior or at least on par with the europians. I am really sick of biased view of these narratives. The sources of all these videos are just unreliable western sources. Ottomans were very burocratic rulers and they recored everthing especially all the things related to money. Spend money preparetion orders, pensions, deaths, wounded everthing. Ottoman archives just refutes most stories in this channel along with similar channels. These is not real history

  3. The ottomans were (somehow) even more barbaric and subhuman than the Byzantines. Truly an accomplishment. Looking forward to the day the remains of their empire crumble and Constantinople is recovered.

  4. Bu site batılı bir site. Ve Osmanlı zaferlerini anlatırken bile taraflı ve subjektif kurgular yapip savaşı öyle anlatıyor. Avrupalıları kahraman , Osmanlı kahramanlarının başarısını ise görmezden gelen bir tutum var .

  5. Respect for Zrinski for his superior effort and courage. Even after they all were killed, they manage to kille 3000 more, that's just insane. It must been rigged or some suicide bomber, that did that. So many interresting stories and people that gave their life that is out their, it should be a Hollywood movie but unfortunely Hollywood only do same movie over and over, is sad.

  6. Another Croatian warrior in the fight against the Ottoman Turks was Baron Nikola Jurišić (1490 to 1545 AD). He and his several hundred men defended the small Hungarian fort at Siege of Güns (Kőszeg) in 1532 AD, against an estimated Ottoman Turkish army of 120,000–140,000 who were advancing towards Vienna.
    I read somewhere Baron Jurišić survived 20 assaults on the fort before the Ottoman Turks decided to withdraw.

  7. While the battle was well illustrated I wonder if the town / fortress was empty or regular people /citizens /women were left to their devices after the Croat army was defeated. If yes was happened to those?


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