T.D. Jakes Blast Black Women….Because of your actions black men have no place in your life

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Comment (33)

  1. Mr Jakes is showing his true colors and who he serves, and there is no truth in him and others like him. He is the true definition of those who the sheep have allowed to fool them, and do the bidding of the Evil One, which his followers are being fooled also. Because any true believer in the Word should know that the Chosen One, Word of YAH is not about confusion and chaos, and would not indulge in a pre meditated act of trying destroy YAH'S people from being united as mates with one another, and should also know who's at work with this. Another false prophet. Follow and be guided by YAHUSHA Ha'Machiach into all truth, you can't be fooled.

  2. The welfare system was designed to destabilize the Black community. They used welfare as a weapon against the Black man and Black woman. In order for the Black woman to get benefits she couldn’t have a man in the home. The children suffered being vulnerable growing up in a single parent home.

  3. What is your interpretation of 1st Timothy 2:12-14?
    i believe I can recall the given take on 1st Corinthians 14:34 being this platform is Not a church per say. Yet I believe Paul was Clear and unmistakable in his account given in THE CREATORS WORD even going far as to giving the reason behind. the meaning… How do we get around that one in particular??? Again, I state. This comes from THE CREATORS ETERNAL WORD, not the black mans word. I've listened to the conviction expressed in closely following THE WORDS OF YA. Well…………..
    James 3:1-2 tells Us "Not to desire being teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgement", furthermore going on to state "For we stumble in many things, if anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able to bridle the whole body. That is something to seriously ponder in my humble opinion. OPINIONS, everyone has one and by all means should express it on their platform to the fullest of leisure. Yet if for some reason IF I am A Teacher on Matters that could sway, or influence a soul's decisions into Eternity based on influence of certain teachings. i would think it to be of a far greater magnitude.
    i personally DO NOT support, follow, or regularly listen to TD Jakes or TD Snakes as one content creator labels, yet I can understand where he's speaking from given the present climate and nature of things Nationwide at least….At about 34: minutes in I hear you both giving account for the disparity in the black population and state it to being Fact of matter that The Black Men are less in number than Women due to being gunned down in the streets and the judgement there upon but not on the men, even going to state a scripture in support there of such Opinion. Yet NO mention what so ever about the Disparity in ABORTION rates. (According to the American Journal of Public Health)
    Abortion Rates for Black Women are nearly 5 times greater than that of white women. to the Excess of 55 million and counting . Just in lieu of this Roe v. Wade being overturned…. I understand this comment will be deleted because it doesn't agree with the narration. . I noticed only one side of the comments and don't know if someone had earlier spoken similar to thus Id have refrained from asking the necessary.
    i Love U both and hope THE CREATORS SPIRIT provides clarity in areas grey

  4. Why is it black women can criticize men all day long nobody says anything but soon as a black man criticize black women and tell the truth there's a problem the whole world comes to a end

  5. There's a black woman on social media right now bragging about being pregnant by two men at the same time. Why do we act like black women don't say they don't need a man. What is wrong with us

  6. Somebody please show me the black women who are submissive obedient soft tender loving and kind where are they at.

  7. Black woman is not getting all the blame for years it was always the man's fault but people are starting to wake up and realize it's just as much her fault too.

  8. Coming from two people who teach that it's a sin for a black man to marry a white woman according to the Bible unbelievable

  9. Thank You, Watchman…"Man up!" Ain't no mountain high enough, or no "man" bad enough to have kept me from my children! I'm disappointed in Bishop T.D. Jakes: "Woman Though Art Loosed." and a beautiful black wife. Looks like he just going alone with the modern narrative. GREAT and MUCH needed Lesson… Watchman and Sis. Deborah 🙏🙌❤️👏💯👍/APTTMH🙏

  10. He preaches to mainly black audiences, but he’s not for black people, he’s on the oppressor’s side. Why would he make such a controversial statement. There’s so much negative things said about black women; other races of men don’t deride their women to that degree. Where’s the support.

  11. Not a fan of Thomas Jakes but from listening to the actual speech on it; he told the truth

    The way he put it didn’t give the male a pass to not be a leader or have an excuse to be a loser

  12. We both at fault black man and woman…and or forefathers… smh…this is just the blame game to separate and make us fight

  13. TD Jakes doing what he have to do, When they father Satan tell them what to say they have to say it, but what a good way to keep things going on in the Black community, we are the Chosen People and Satan know that and all under him. Our focus need to be on YAH Our Heavenly Father Repent Repent and keep our eyes on the prize this whole world lieth in wickedness. What TD Jakes put out is Poison and this just the beginning.

  14. This fraud became a millionaire off of broken low self esteem primary blk battered mentally physically and. financially by majority blk men. He started off in the 90s talking about get ready in these mega churches across the US in the 90 s. He made his money selling women a dream of healing from abuse by blk men. These same women got back their self worth went to school got careers for them to take care of themselves and their kids without in some cases that abusive man. He the one and his wife having those women retreats so called healing her broken spirits Now since Kevin Samuels is gone he's flipping the script and want those coins. all he did was conned the women to heal better now he is talking mess about women bring masculine and other nrpharious things. Meanwhile one of his daughters done stole one of her so called friends kids and married pedophile molesting his own adoptive daughter. Yet he have time to talk about the same women he gave hope to. He made his money off these same blk women he talking about now what a hypocrite

  15. As I said on another site this is a man's world and also this this land is given to the wicked I'm not saying all men are wicked but men control this world more than women. Also from beginning of time up to now from Adam to now men have been blaming the woman for everything that goes wrong with them or they don't like and that needs to change and it is changing Adam was given the commandments God gave him the gift of of Eve he did not give her the commandments and tell her what she should not do or anything even when she came with the fruit he did not admonish her about it he just went along with it and when the Lord confronted them about it Eve did take responsibility and say she listened to the enemy but Adam blamed the woman and then he blamed our Father God forgiving Eve to him so he threw he didn't take responsibility for any of his actions he just put it off on the woman and then on our Father God and then have been doing that up to present a lot of men do not take responsibility for their actions they blame the woman and is true these men are out here making babies thinking it's funny getting over on women and then don't want to take care of them a lot of them and then they complain about child support and other ways that the Lord blessed woman to be able to sustain themselves with their children because these men do not want to take responsibility for the children they help make. The Lord put enmity between Eve and Satan and between her seed and his seed and the enemy has been attacking Eve ( women ) ever since.

  16. Didn't he write a book, Woman Thou art Loose. Wonder if Creflo Dollars recent decision had anything to do with it.

  17. TD Jakes has sold his soul to the devil. He did go to the Vatican where the Pope Francis is, and he kissed the Pope hand, and TD Jakes also has signed an agreement on paper to follow the Pope rules.

  18. TD snakes need to watch it, he walking on thin ice. He need to be careful with what he’s saying out of mouth. He know The Most High gave man the authority and power to keep the devil at bay. Also, gave them the power and authority over the wife and family. The body can’t function without the head, the Hebrew brothers dropped the torch decades ago, it’s not to late to pick it up. Everyone is pointing fingers instead of going to the most high about our struggles. The devil is confounding the minds of our ppl severely. Bc he no who our ppl are, he’s the reason behind the division. These are spiritual attacks on our ppl, our ppl need not to lean to their own understanding, but acknowledge the most high God in all their ways. Blaming each other is not solving anything.

  19. The men cant be the head in 2022 because the women wants to be the head my brother and because they want to be independent black women are toxic and having babies with everyone that gives them attention. The men around me dont have 7 kids and 7 different baby mothers sorry brother you made that up! But I know women that have 7 different baby daddies thou so wear do you get yo facts lol I stop listening to you guys because you dont know if you a Isrealite or not! So I cannot be taught by you because your considered a heathen In my ministry.

  20. BLACK Women wake up and evaluate your SELF ESTEEM – 30 seconds of SEXual pleasure equals 18-21 years of LOCK DOWN raising your Children ALONE. Corporate America does not care about you PERIOD. Black Men…SMH ??? TD Jakes Comment he is CLUELESS..!! 30 whole seconds of SEX that's it 21years of HARDSHIP and STRUGGLE. Consequences!! The SYSTEM is TAKING OUT our BLACK MEN. Black Men are NOT LEADERS they are LOST. Black Women WAKE UP..!! Play.. play time is OVER. That's KEEPING IT REAL. 💯 👌🏽
    1 Corinthians 6:19-20. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  21. I believe TMH is making a point to show you that these type of men that will not repent before He begin taking out many. This is a warning to them. To fix 5he house you start with the head or the whole body would remain sick.

  22. So, T.D. Jakes tried conning the most high by using his word to get the money, high praise and than pull this stunt!? Okay, I'm sitting back and watching 👀 this via through prayer 🙏, POPCORN 🍿 READY!

  23. Around 1988, after a family get-togetter my husband and I drove my uncle to a residence where he was staying. I ask him about the person he was staying with.

    He said: “Man, this woman has ten (10) men sleeping on her living room floor”.

    She is a black woman who helped house black men.

    People: “How are black women trying to be tough, masculine, evil, mean, selfish, climbing upwards, etc., by showing mercy to men that she never gave birth to but, only helping out”?!

  24. By the way…What does Jakes mean by saying: “Woman, thou art loose”.

    Loose from what? Men.

    If men, what actions?!

    That statement: “Woman, thou art loose is backfiring”. Isn’t it.


  25. Lest we forget, TDJakes made a fortune during the 80s 90s and 2000s from the feminists movement. Preaching sermons titled "Woman thou Art Loose" to mostly Black women. Think about it?

  26. Most relationship breakup because of adultery and money. If you all dont see the trick: trying to force these biracial relationships. TD Jake's was paid to say that. Pay him no mind. If you all dont see the systemic attack on the b family. So the woman is suppose to sit there and wait for the man till get his mind right.


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