Take the Shackles off Your Help Mate / Wife: Marriage Series

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Comment (32)

  1. SHABBAT SHALOM Family!🙏🏽 This is the day YAH has made let us rejoice and be glad in HIS day HALLELUYAH!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Love you all Family!💞

  2. Shalum Family, I just love this! It's amazing how YAH is working in marriages. The land is beautiful fam 🤎👑🌺

  3. God told these ungodly women what to do, and blame Yah for putting women beneath a righteous man- she has her place but not as a leader for the people

  4. Shabbat Shalom Family @Watchman Report
    Thank you so much for your obedience to The Most High Yah 🙌 HALLELUYAH and blessing His children with a much needed message today.

  5. Shabbat shalom . I am a single woman who has dedicated my life to Yah . But even with this marriage series I learn so much . I hear the purity of your testimonies to help your people. I bump my head at times because I have learned to sit still and move when he says move but you both have wisdom – him a part – her a part . And it brings balance to relationship . I pray that Yah balances me out completely . I truly love y’all’s spirit . ❤️ Yah help me with the shackles that might have in my mind still from being a single woman .

  6. Shalom Family! Your farm is very beautiful and an obvious blessing from TMH. My help mate passed away in 2002 and I know we could have worked together to accomplish something so beautiful as this!! No regrets, it was not the will of TMH! APPTTMH 🤍😇🙏🏾

  7. Prayer and supplication…….Go to the Father both husband and wife in ALL things. Love that rather than trying to force agreement

  8. Hey Um is there anyway I can talk to you I’m hurt in my spirit for so many year I really struggling to let go of this pain that’s keep hurting me I need help please if you can I really need you thanks and shalom

  9. A Great Video and Great Advice! I love this Message! My Husband and I work Beautiful together and I Thank The Most High for letting me use my Gift that He gave me to help my Husband. ❤

  10. It takes a WHOLE son of YAH to recognise a gift when he receives one. I pray for our brothers to understand this, really understand!

  11. I'm sad 😔 I always felt as a young girl I was supposed to be working and raising farming animals and planting 🪴 waking up to coffee ☕ to start my day. So I told my husband this story and he brought home some flowers and plants after work to surprise me and for me to start gardening. 2 days later those plants and flowers were dying and he looked at me and said uh.. Un Nope 🙅🏾 you can not garden 🤣 you need to let my momma teach you. Because she is from south Kentucky were it's all green and she grows gardens and has a green thumb, I'm from New Mexico and its nothing but dirt here 🤣🤣 so I never tired till then. I guess I should of left that as a feeling and not an action.

  12. Yall have alot of land, can I ask how much acres? If not, just want you to know it is beautiful and yall together as One family have done a beautiful job🥰 💗 I am so happy for yall I just been here smiling and I having joy in my heart with yall. Just a beautiful couple all together ❤

  13. ❤️Truly Beautiful!! I love it…Thank you for sharing your works and blessings. I pray for a righteous Holy Spirit filled husband, to build and share things with and grow spiritually together.


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