Tariq Nasheed Talks Hidden Colors 5 Film, The Path Of Our People, Slave Mentality + More

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  1. Rally Tyme: I am asking you to take responsibility by requesting that the country you fight for a piece of by selling sister Brees (pbuh) court case in the cash app: is also being occupied as a colonized territory and we are demanding that you release our lands that you are also currently benefiting from. You are not used to nationless black consciousness that is determined to get reparations via the Unification of all First Voices reshaping the United Nations in order to request FROM YOU IN THE UNITED STATES to place Africa and our Islands where it belongs: and out of your stock portfolios. I am demanding that you accept that you represent the same oppressive global power by acting like suburban veal behind cages: show me how you have created soluble justice in the worlds courts to advocate for our liberation without turning into exactly what your American Masters do in order to feel a sense of manhood or humanity.

    You are privileged chocolate vanilla blends that cash in on Black People In lands you don’t even know ARE YOUR COLONIES AS USA CITIZENS: you need to look beyond the border and Disney.

    This is First Voice memory showing Yiu that We addressing our liberation with the Global Black MAJORITY that if given access to the internet we would eat you alive. Americans. Pfff

  2. Wow, I can't believe I didn't know about him. Plus, the simple fact that Charlemagne asked if he's scared for his life, proves that what he is saying is true, THEY don't don't censor lies.

  3. I don't agree with everything he says but he is a very smart man the moors ruled Europe…….. before Africans we're slaves to Europeans Europeans we're slaves to African and Arab rulers ✊ if 50% of Black America knew this they wouldn't even trip over white people

  4. Real eye opener. Interesting that non-Hispanic white Americans are at a – born to death 💀 rate. Today’s pandemic 😷 definitely not by accident. Keep spreading knowledge Tariq 🔴🟢⚫️🔝

  5. Educational in many ways. Haven't ever heard about anything he's saying but I suppose there could be an invisible world running parallel to this one and billions of people involved in a secret conspiracy to keep it hidden and steal credit and fame for it Yeah hehe. You have to check out Tariq as K-Flex on his Wash Yo Ass album he humbly walked away from the rap game to educate everyone. True generosity there

  6. I agree on the dangers of vaccine for children. My son developed autism after shots . If we pay attention big pharm do not reveal side affects prior to vaccines. Scary

  7. HC 5 was 👌🏿… I peeped the bit about AIDS cure from Kenya being snatched up… With ref to COVID-19, two doctors from Uganda have got the cure… waiting for them to bash it

  8. I respect the effort but colors was very poorly researched and they relied on pseudo information and emotions to get people into it. Very sad and a big missed opportunity to make something good. Theres no reason to mislead people and use bad information (but i get why yall do it but it shows you arent interested in reality but emotion)…. But theres plenty of real history yall could get into but nah you chose the cheap route!

  9. Weird to hear them talking about vaccines and forced mandates. The shades, the temple touching and the triple 6 makes me view them differently. 👌🎩🏁

  10. This is why the Kjv 1611 holy bible was written for the children of Yisrael need to read it and receive the truth about everything the brotha said he wanna know were we went wrong with each other well it's all there the answer is in the Holy bible read all of deuteronomy from beginning to end then start from the beginning of the bible learn who is who seed after it's kind study chronicles match the bloodlines everyone don't come from adam must know why this is written if you need help as GOD Almighty pray for truth and salvation will come forth blessings await for those who are patient with the spirit


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