Tarnished Awakening Documentary: Sabotage of the Chosen People (Spiritual Food) Bible Lesson

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  1. What has this truth come to, this is so sad. This is so true when you abandon the TMH YAH. You can not worship in the carnal body, it is impossible, therefor you bow to your own self righteousness. Thank yawl for this revelation, Shalom brother an Sista.

  2. This video is pure foolishness. We are the Chosen Nation and nothing and no one can change that. Stop selling out Israel. This video talks about the Black Israelites as a hate group, really? Well lets talk about what the white race did to us in SLAVERY. Rape, Sodomy, Lynching, Alligator bait babies, killed by dogs, torn apart by horses, pregnant women gutted while alive, be-headings, whippings, head shots, sold into slavery, family separations, and the list goes on.

    Now do you still want to talk about the hate group. They do nothing of the sort besides teach the Truth. The truth hurts and the white man obviously will hate the truth.
    Is there any COMPARISON? NO. Let's get real, the Bible says what it says and Yahawah does not change. Stop hating on your own people. They are using you and I believe you are being paid. Contact me if you wish to discuss further.

    Brother Yosiah-Esh Ben Israel.

  3. GMS and GOCC and maybe a few other camps are off in their doctrine and I will agree they are in error. However for us who know better teach better in truth.

  4. Im so glad the spirit is in me and actually guiding me because when I found out about the Hebrew Israelite camps I went about 3 times and turned right around. I was thinking “That ain’t it chief”. They said I was so called “going back into the world” because I wasn’t trying to be apart of their gang lol. Chile please I follow Yah and Yah only, NOT camp leaders.

  5. This is crazy we are still debating over who we are, scriptures and religion's. All the while the one percent are planning our next hundred years. Here we are playing checkers and they're playing 5D chess.

  6. Awesome!! Finally like-mindedness!!!❣️ I have face to face witnessed the Hebrew- Israelites in the DC area. I've seen them preach with anger and hostility on the streets, with foul language, yet dressed as though they just stepped out of a page of the Bible with turbans and fringes.

    The GOCC DMV church, stopped the women from leading Praise and worship. I think they don't understand the presence of the Ruach Ha'Qodesh. 🤷🏾

    I'm moved by your faithfulness to the TRUTH with humility and fervency. Please don't be lifted up. I love you as you are!! 💯🌹

    Although I enjoyed your videos, I thought you were "them". So lots of times, I'd skip over your videos and settled to watch secular christian preaching – until today!!! I saw you were LIVE and hungry for God's Word, I watched your entire message, which caused me to dig deeper to see who you really are.
    There's so much that I want to say, but texting . . .

    As you grow, please don't do as leaders do, don't change! I'm in agreement with you! I'm your sister! Thank you 🤗

  7. Wait!!! Sis, You just said the GD word!!! Please explain. Is that ok for us to do as people of the Most High being used by the Ruach? I'm not being facetious, I really want to know isn't that filthy communication? If it was a mistake, why didn't you cut that part out? 🤷🏾

  8. i don’t agree with a some of the things the hebrew israelites do but the grafting in is only for the israelites and i don’t have love for these other nations they did our people so horribly

  9. I find this so disrespectful and a abomination to the remnants of Judah.. But right now I Bind up those Demonic Rebels who use the the Mighty name of YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH and Cast them into the Abyss.. I will never be a part of those who Hate, Rape, Lie and ETC. U will pay for ur Evil doings.. UR TIME IS COMING PERIODTTT! I am a Descendant and I have awakened and I’m proud to be a Descendant that the Bible speak of because I’ve Repented and I am Filled Roth the Ruach Ha’Qodesh HalleluYAH 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  10. Wait did he say that the women’s private part is that of a Serpents mouth??? I tell u what.. Mr. Man… please don’t try us.. that Teaching U’re doing will send you to ur maker “Satan” U’re demonic and will be punished for ur nastiness and wrong teaching!



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