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  1. Catholicism is Christianity. There are Christians who obey the papacy, and there are Christians who disobey the papacy. Nevertheless Christianity and all of its harlot children(denominations & sects) is not the doctrines of the anointed nor the religion of the apostles.

  2. What's up with the 14th of May? Papal bull issued, the day that the pope will have the gathering for the climate and humanism discussion and they made Israel a nation on May 14th as well. I'm sure there there are other significant events purposely set on that date as well. I haven't researched, just finding that interesting.

  3. Summary: The fullness of the gentiles will be the one world order, the one world religion, (Rom. 15:4; Ecc. 3:15), and then Armageddon, when Yah's children refuse to give up the Shabbat! And the heathens will try to touch the apple of Yah's eye. HalleluYah!

  4. Henry the VIII and all the the monarchies of Europe were so called Black people From Charlegmangne 9th century till the late 18th century or early 19th century. The people ruling England Sax-Coberg family are imposters(allegedly)

  5. So what's the difference between a Rastafarian and a Hippie? I like reggae music yet It seems like it's being mixed with new age/eastern religions lately use to not be like that, if I remember correctly or I could be wrong.

  6. I did a book report and had to draw a map of Italy in school…I worked so hard on it. That was years ago… And it's the only map I've ever drawn. If only I had known how significant this location is/will be, in TRUTH… Just sharing the memory

  7. There are many "Hippies"..a large portion, who are witches/ in the occult… And they're using the facade of peace and love as a cloak..I know from experience.. Dating one & doing psychedelics… I had "fun" times, but I began to see demonic spirits opening my 3rd eye in darkness, but TMH had His hand on me, and I returned to Him and He lit my pineal. People in the 4wall church don't seem to understand, that the 3rd eye pineal itself, is not evil… it's whether it's lit by Yah or not. I know from experience….the group's I was involved in were definitely heavily populated by witches, people who had demonic possession & influences…the things I saw! And it's a network for sure, widespread. They prey on the undiscerning!..many energy vampire/Narcs! was like a cult in a sense. I experienced a whole other world within our own…oh man! And this network is worldwide, I'm sure..I worked on the U.S marijuana me they're doing a whole lot more than farming weed…people go missing. Those who are traveling…they cast spells on people, they try to get u to join them subtlely..ECT. if it wasn't for Abba, I'm sure I wouldn't be here to share this. HalleluYah. I also realize, that certain ppl I knew up there were pretty much angels..I know it..they watched over me and I had no clue really..I felt something, but I wasn't fully aware of everything till awhile later. I could write a book on my testimony….maybe I should. You can't tell me the Spirit realm isn't real..that Yah, angels and demons aren't real..and those that have familiar spirit/ are familiar with demons…oh brother!.. I learned so much. And I've dealt with plenty T.I. issues since then, but Abba has been with me every step, and I continue to discern and overcome. My faith isn't based fully on the unseen, because I have seen too's a crazy deep Blessing forreal fr. I thank God so much for keeping me, and being patient with me as I heal and grow. He's such a good Father, WORTHY is the LAMB🙌🏾 All for our Good…🙌🏽🥺😭🙃


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