TCA BIBLE: STUDY Natural Health & Bible Remedies (Crohn’s, IBS, Cancer)

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  1. I thought 💭 manna was a mushroom 🍄, often found on the opposite side of the Red Sea 🌊 near Midian/Medina, where doves 🕊 fall from the sky 🌌 after their long journey over the desert 🐫 in May was likely the time of travelers of the exodus from Egypt 🇪🇬. Ron Wyatt did some good work into this stuff, he could decipher the truth out of the Bible like nobody else. Harrison Ford played his personification on those movies 🎥 like raiders of the lost arc , ect ect.

  2. I soo need to buy this book, todah ThoughtsCameraAction for highlighting it. All Praise Be To Our Glorious Abba Yah and Adonai Yahusha Ha Mashiach HalleluYah


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