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  1. I think that we as Isralites have gone as far as we can go with trying to warn our people and inform them as to our helpless estate. They are not listening and don't care who we are because mist are so ingrained into the surface of this Babylon and only YAH can pull them up if HE desires to. We can only cry out in prayer for them that he might have mercy on them. And at the same time, try to keep our own heads above water and also to prepare our selves for the terrible day.

  2. This truly was eye opening, thank you so much! Dante Fortson has a study where he references the Rephaim as the walking dead because of their pale white skin, and this ties into that so well.

  3. I don’t think that it’s because we don’t remember, I think that it’s because they killed the adults (20 and up). The teens were given the children as their children to raise. The children were raised as their children. I believe that’s why they don’t know, and that’s why we can only go back so far in history.

    I believe that they want to wipe us out, and take our place. For some reason, they have innate hatred for us, and that same hatred has been ingrained in our people.

  4. All races of people killed themselves more often, not just us. Shemite, remember Abraham had children by several wives, which were also Shemites. Same father, however different mother. That could be part of the problem.

  5. Do you not consider that there is also a native meelenated people are still left in their Phenicians are are tyre they have went thruout history changing like chamelions they mingled themselves with all nations they are moors and they are the Ambassadors for the Marine Kingdom so the world is copied from them no one in the past came with pink and other colored complexion mutations have change the look of man thoughout the ages

  6. I am pondering what was said about knowledge. Occult simply means hidden but the word has a negative connotation for many. It is associated with evil, hence, why many stay away from it. It appears as if, by staying away, rather, rejecting hidden knowledge, places a hedge around us but the word says my people perish for a lack of knowledge. My other thought is that one may expend too much energy in gathering knowledge, as oppose to being in His presence; this is like the heart vs the mind.

  7. Two ppls fighting over a land that does not belong to them. Both are usurpers. Neither belong in the land of Shem. And both these thieves and the same ppl. Lol

  8. The Canaanites are black Africans people, which consists of tribes among them. The West and East Africans. The Canaanites has mixed themselves with Hamites, that is strongly exposed in North Nigeria aka Herdsman and Hausa of North Nigeria and Nubians of Ethiopia. The other tribe of Canaanites are the Bushmen, Khoisan of South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, Nilote of Kenya aka Masaai, the Himba people of Namibia and not Indians. The Hamites are Kushites, aka Sudanese, , Indians, Ishmaelite, Arab and all this people were originally black before Esau married the daughter of Ishmael Malagath= Genesis 28:19)>>The Canaanites are those are family of Ham, which they have mingled with each other! The sons of Ham: Genesis 10:19)"This are the sons of Ham, according to their families, Territories which is from Sidon= Niger area till Tibet, the land of gods. (Mangolians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese all Asians including the Turkish people.

  9. Not to mess with anyone's delicate sense of sensibilities, there are actually two kinds of whites! The first type of whites are like Patriarch Noah, his descendant uncle Laban through Shem. The name Laban means white in paleo Syrian Aramaic, and Naaman the Syrian Leper who was healed from leprosy by the prophet of The Most High. All were albinos born white due to a melanin deficiency, non properly functioning melanocytes. The other white category which is oldest and the first because it occurred before the great flood is a result of major fallen angel incursion into the genetics of true pure human beings. Which resulted in forbidden unlawful mixtures, with the Chimera Frankenstein effect because that mixture was unstable. And just like the book of Enoch pointed out, and stated when spirit sons reproduce with dark skin indigenous females the products of this union produce very very pale skin offspring. Enoch also states that these offspring were genetically more of their father's like 85% to 95%, and what was left remaining was what they were like their moms. Because angels are Not human at all, I see them being stronger genetically, and dominating in reproduction.

  10. About 104 mins in she mentions, "Moses putting his hand into his bosom and it became leprus", reminded me of the half hidden hand on chest pose one secret society uses. As TCA says " interesting".

  11. The whole head covering isn’t literal. It’s spiritual. Your husband is your head but you are to cover him when you pray 🙏🏾 or prophesy and go to TMH… Maschiach is the man’s head but he is to have no covering and go straight to TMH because they are one! I pray TMH will lead you TCA to do a study on that… watchman reports also did a study on that as well… APTTMH 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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